Dear Editor,

I'm going to do a small upgrade to my mtb bike, with the purchase of new wheels. Now the doubts is remained about normal clincher wheels, point to specific wheels for tubeless tires or point to be converted into tubeless wheels?

The price difference is not indifferent, but I would like to know if it's really an advantage to have the tubeless tires.

Sugned letter

The advantage of tubeless tires is that it can be inflated at low pressure and without fear of puncture. With the tube, at low pressures, the same may happen that it can be inserted between the rim and tire, drilling; this event averted in a tubeless tire. The low pressures allow a better grip and thus the adoption of tubeless is advantageous when using a low inflation pressure and in general in all the conditions of low adherence. Minor also the possibility of drilling. The tubeless tire, then, May be associated with a liquid anti drilling eliminating the risk of puncture. Between the rim and those convertible into tubeless tubeless is preferable to adopt those specific for tubeless tires, because they ensure a greater reliability and constancy in maintaining the inflation pressure constant.