Hello, I started riding road bikes since a year ago. I bought, used, a basic model of the carbon Pinarello a few years ago (fp) equipped with Ultegra group-set and Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels.

A few weeks ago I replaced the frame with the Pinarello Dogma 2. Considering that I can devote to cycling weekly output and that in this first year I will have done barely 1000 km, a frame like the one I have now is a luxury unsuited to my meager abilities of rider, but I wanted to make this gift and in fact I have noticed a substantial difference compared to the first performance. Now I was starting to look around to replace the wheels. The budget would be up to 1000 Euro, if it really worth to improve the performance maybe even a little bit more, but I doubt that someone like me is able to have performance improvements more cheaply. I would be looking for a versatile wheel that fits both the plain and the mountains, high-profile wheels exclude that, as far as I know, are good for the plain and the high-speed (since I happen very rarely go to the plain strong) and I would not be on the brand preferences of any kind. I want something that allows me to improve Racing 3 that I have at the moment and at the same time are neither too soft nor too hard to govern both the plain and the mountains.

Signed letter

Dear Reader, you have an excellent frame, for the moment the group-set and and wheels are over-sized. For the wheels some valid Fulcrum Racing 3, can not think of getting a real increase in performance without going on a wheel similar to Fulcrum Racing Zero. In that case I suggest the model for tubular and, if you want less hassle, the model 2-Way Fit tubeless compatible, since short-reach new tubeless tires very competitive in performance and safety in the case considerably superior to conventional drilling clincher. Alternatively, other valid wheels are Mavic Ksyrium SLR clincher and then, slightly over budget, the equally excellent Mavic R-SYS SLR, tubular or clincher. Finally, though off-budget or profiles with higher or lower than you want, I suggest you give a 'look at the range of FSA wheels, little known but very good, and then the excellent Vision wheels. Then the wheels park really is infinite, we say that I have suggested models are easier to find and center the ones that best expectations. My advice is to pass, no doubt, to a wheel for tubulars or, at most, tubeless, so as to obtain the best performance and align the wheel to the characteristics of your frame.