Dear Editor, I contact you for advice for tires, I would be oriented to fit 20mm tires-section for high-profile FFWD wheels to use during the warm season and in the race, but some discourage me, and many others suggest me this kind of solution, it's not clear, you could do a bit of clarity about?

Signed letter

The difference between a tire from 20 to 23 mm is simply a smaller footprint of the tire closer and this leads to greater fluency and speed of the same for less friction generated between the contact surface of the ground and the tire itself. By contrast the lowest footprint leads to a lower speed cornering, especially in tight corners. To deal a sharp turn quickly you must tilt the bike a lot, which is more difficult with a narrow tire. You can avoid this by applying a different style of driving, drawing less round and more angular trajectories, coming fast in the middle of the curve with the bike almost straight, slowly turning and accelerating out loud. In this way you should lean the bike slightly and maximizes the efficiency of a tire from 20 mm. Only benefits from the lower section, instead, in the paths straight and fast. The problems of the lower section, then decrease when using the tubular, which have a round profile, unlike the tire that has a more pointed profile, where real footprint in curves between 20 and 23 mm is very small (another advantage of the tubular ...).