Dear Editor,

I would change the wheels passing from the current model, Fulcrum Racing 1 of 2009, to a model Mavic always low profile. I would ask your opinion on a Ksyrium SL or SR models and various models R-Sys. I have good skills climber.

Signed letter

Dear Reader, you already have a great pair of wheels. The Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels are great, but too close in performance to those you already use, is likely to spend money to get a hardly noticeable increase in performance. Improved the situation with the Ksyrium SR model, no doubt perfect for the use they are intended. Smoothness is identical to the SL model, but reduces weight and improves lateral rigidity, albeit in a very minimum. Even better is the choice of the R-SYS, between the various models fundamentally change the weight through the use of magnesium components and carbon fiber, but stiffness and smoothness are the same. The model Mavic R-SYS SLR, has more than a superficial treatment of the rim that makes it hard, but the differences are minimal, whereas the R-SYS SL is the lightest. Obviously the best pair of wheels, for climb, would be the R-SYS SL, while the model Ksyrium SR has a great value for money and release R-SYS base can be considered an excellent economic compromise between the R-SYS SLR and Ksyrium SR. Everything also depends on the budget you have available. In conclusion, you selected three pairs of wheels perfect for the use to which it must do, choose the one that your budget allows, between the model Mavic Ksyrium SL, Mavic R-SYS SL and Mavic R-SYS.