Dear Editor,

I have a Cervelo S1 that I use exclusively in spring and summer time (May-September). I decided to upgrade first to be back on the bike. Currently riding the bike wheels Vuelta Lite medium section: I hear from many quarters to make negative judgments about it. Many complain of problems centering, sealing-ray and sudden break and repeated the same.

Considering the high profile Superlite impressions do not change. The fact is that I never complained about any problems with the wheels Lite. I decided to replace them and keep them in reserve and switch to a model high profile carbon rim and aluminium braking track. The problem is that my weight is between 100 and 110 kg. I thought about a pair of Zipp 808 or S60 or S80 to Sram whose total weight is around 2 kg. Certainly not light wheels, but my habits I rarely see cyclists climbing the hills. Faced with this situation in my athletics and I wanted to travel to you for advice: the models mentioned above have the characteristics necessary to support my weight? Possibly you could recommend a wheel (clincher would be preferable) with high profile which may be appropriate or right for me? So a model of aluminium produced by the Vision, you know the goodness of this model? Despite the weight, I can make a distribution of force and push the bike very smooth and progressive and never violent or explosive. Unfortunately, the various mechanical and bike dealers in the area have given me mixed reviews and often seemed confused and more likely to sell me the wheels were in stock rather than give me an objective and professional advice. Campagnolo Bora 1 and 2, 80 Power Ambrosio and Mavic Carbone SL or SLR think of having to discard as certified under 90 Kg Although on the Mavic Carbone I found no weight limits.

Signed letter

Dear Reader, the wheels that you have identified are certainly tasty, and good for flat routes and for an athlete that constantly pushes on the pedals. The limit of high-profile rim is the sensitivity to side winds. If it makes a sporadic use of the bike, that are out in good weather and never with the wind, then it can go up to the high profile, otherwise it is to be evaluated. Even a 50 mm it becomes difficult to control with the side wind, as well is even worse. Not only decreasing the performance, but the bike becomes hard to control and at times even dangerous. The advantage of the high-profile rim is the excellent aerodynamics, this improves in proportion to the height of the rim and then the circle is more taller than you manage to go strong. So for example, from a medium/low profile at a high profile to gain speed 50 mm, equal to all other conditions is about 6-8km/h. Given its weight, the best solution is the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL version in 2011, the only one of the wheels you have selected that do not have weight limits are for tires and have aluminium braking track. They have an excellent price/performance and are not overly harsh. Already tested by us, albeit only slightly heavier than the previous version, the wheels are more than tasty, and good for its intended use. Both wheels SRAM, Zipp and Vision are great, but are not officially specified weight limits, while the other brands you have identified the limits well below its weight. About the Vuelta wheels, the wheels are decent, but nothing of that. Where should opt for another choice for the Board Sram good value for money and being slightly less extreme Zipp and Vision are those that can ensure greater reliability.