Dear Editor,
I begin with thanking you all the work you do (and done well) to advise, test bike, etc. .. etc.. For us users a valuable aid that will surely appreciate and we note that the opinions expressed by you about the products are matched. Coming to me: next year I will have a bike HERSH MATRIX

(I do not think the names blazoned) with DI2 group with FSA components and I would like to mount the wheels with 35-track aluminum, the only ones that I found are the T800 Marchisio. Let me know what do you think and if there are similar wheels. Thanks again.

Signed letter

Dear Reader,
Many thanks for the compliments! The wheels, which identified the new bikes are great, good value for money. Has little alternative but to adopt the new Dura Ace WH-7900-C35-CL. Marchisio compared to the Dura Ace hubs have the best smoother bearings, but weigh a bit more. The final performances are essentially the same view of the negligible difference in the game. You then choose what you prefer based on the price and your aesthetic preferences.