Dear Editor,

wanting to buy a new MTB bike, for a non competitive, recreational basically, I was posed the dilemma of the wheels. Most of new models with 29" wheels or remain the classic measure 26"? What is the real performance difference between the two configurations? Even if using the bike for a racing event, obviously with the only real purpose of completing the race, what would be the best choice?

Dear Reader, you must make the best choice according to his needs. Mtb with 29" wheels offer certain advantages, but also many disadvantages, is to understand if you use its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The 29-inch wheels provide a better behaviour on funds and compact little rough, where the largest diameter of the circle can more easily overcome small obstacles. The heavier wheels also have a greater gyroscopic effect, the bike is more stable and secure. It's also greater inertia if penalizes departures from low speed, you can more easily maintain a constant speed, facilitating the exit of the fast corners, where you lose less speed. Basically a bike Mtb with 29-inch wheels with the best of paths on fast, open curves, where the speed is constant and not very slow and technical steps. On the other hand is slower in narrow paths, slow and very technical, just because of the 29" wheels. For this competitive level have yet to prove their real worth. They can be winners, but only under certain conditions. Their current distribution is therefore a factor to be found more in fashion and distinction, rather than good certain technical aspects: the benefits, when there are minimal. Considering the lower availability of wheels and tires, for use at 360 degrees is better to stay on the classic 26-inch Mtb, whose benefits will not find them now, and remain far more competitive globally and generally, bike 29 inches.