Good morning,
I am writing from Scotland.




I always find very useful your advice, highly professional, and I would like to take advantage of your experience, having the intention to buy a "super bike " racing.
I state:
- I am a woman ( 170cm x 55 kg).
- 9000 km journey on the year, the vast majority of these in hilly or mountainous (on roads often a bit rough and a cross wind)
- I love a low driving position (I have a very high rotation of the pelvis and I get tired if I stay too upright - and in fact I never got it and I have never been recommended a bike for women (although I understand the advantage of a shorter toptube).
I currently have a 2007 Trek Madone 5.2 (size 52). I find it very convenient - after a professional bike fitting, I reduced the length of the 'stem' from 100 to 90 and 40 cm from the handlebar to a compact 38.
I was then directed towards a Madone 7 I've heard very positive opinions. But I have great uncertainties with respect to the geometry: for winter/commuting I took just a Trek Madone 2.1 (size 52) - which has a geometry H2. I find this convenient for the 'top tube' slightly shorter than the Madone 5.2, but I don't like the more relaxed position. I lowered the handlebars to the maximum (ideally would send him further down) and still I get the feeling, when for example I am going to a climb and I stand up on the pedals, the bike 'push me back' instead of forwards as the 5.2. I think this confirms that the H2 is not ideal for me, despite the bike is really snappy (although heavier than 5.2 and less good wheels, I get speed not less than 5.2!). The H1 has a longer top tube of my 5.2 .... Just get the smallest size, or maybe the new Trek is not the best bike for me?
My favorite store in addition to the Trek and Giant also has the Look (I like the 695) and I also like the Bianchi Oltre I've read good things, especially as a bike uphill. I have the impression by looking at the geometry that these good me maybe more - but both are, however, less comfortable (in terms of vertical compliance) of the Trek ?
I hope I was clear and I would be grateful for the advice that you will give me.
Many thanks
Signed letter

I analyzed the geometry and Bianchi Oltre XR2 is the bike that most closely matches your needs. But this is only for the measures. In fact you will find with a frame from the increased performance, but also much less comfortable. The Look 695 has a different geometry, but in the size S, would almost all perfect features. The head top tube is not a problem because the bike has the possibility of having a stem with a negative slope of 15%, this would allow you to have your ideal driving position and the possibility one day also be able to experience other assets. Look also has the advantage of having a good ride comfort, something not to be underestimated, especially if you run many km. Considering that, the bike you like aesthetically and you have a good center service in your area, unlike Bianchi, I would not doubt in choosing Look, which also has the advantage of having a very high build quality and, if properly assembled, even overall performance superior to Trek and Bianchi.