Dear Editor, I ask for help on the purchase of a bicycle "to climb". In Verona, the outputs for the "fondo" of the "Gardesana” and then climbs "Lessinia - Valpolicella".


I'm sixty (height 1.80 weight 78/80 kg), ride my bike for about ten years, with some training of 5-6.
My technical characteristics:
- I have not, I call myself a "pedaller" not a "cyclist"; I prefer long rides (even 6-7 hours) even 150 km alone, I love the climbs.
I have a bike since 10 years, carbon, with a weight of 9 kg, modest components, as indeed are my skills; box "50/34 - 11/28."
That said, having few ideas and confused on the new bike "Willier Zero 9, Cannondale, Bianchi Oltre - frames Parkpre and Chesini”.
Specific that I have a budget of no more than 4,000 Euro.

Signed letter

A bike for uphill should be lightweight and stiff enough to handle. Given the age and the many miles that runs would avoid going on frame very stiff and uncomfortable. A frame of nine years ago with no doubt is less rigid and powerful that one of today, but generally much more comfortable. First of all rule out Parkpre and Chesini, then exclude Bianchi for its comfort reduced and Cannondale Evo Hi-Mod, for the same reason, although technically the best frame for the climb, which in Red version should be within your budget. Other great frame is Wilier 0.7 2015, unfortunately out of your budget, but can try to see the previous 0.7, lightweight and always valid.
Coming to models most suitable and available, I would suggest you to choose between:
Cannondale Evo Standard
Excellent price / performance, weight enough content and good comfort.
Wilier 0.9
Excellent build quality, ride comfort, driving safety and overall performance
Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod
Very comfortable, stable and secure is a viable alternative to the Evo Hi-Mod
The fastest of the frames, comfortable; a choice of quality, maybe its not cheap
Bianchi Sempre Pro
A great frame for rigidity, comfort, driving safety, sin is always underestimated
Wilier GTR
Other frame underestimated, I would put it as an alternative to 0.9, if properly assembled has excellent overall performance.
Bianchi Infinito CV
An excellent ride for comfort and performance
Trek Domane
For the comparison between ride, comfort and performance is the best.

At this point, we have to stop, also in consideration of the budget:
1 Cannondale Evo Standard or Wilier 0.9
2 Bianchi Sempre Pro or Wilier GTR
3 BMC GF01
4 Bianchi Infinito CV
5 Trak Domane

For the rest my advice is to think about not only the frame, but the bike as a whole, by adopting (preferably) a SRAM Force or Red, choosing good low-profile wheels, rather than a frame of high-end, but with mediocre wheels.
Knowing choose with Euro 4000 there comes a beautiful bike.


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