pinarello dogma f test

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The Pinarello Dogma F continues to be a top-of-the-range racing bike, not light, but very stiff, but still comfortable.

Among the high-end racing bikes it is the best for tackling long distances and is not much more uncomfortable than many endurance bikes.

Stiff and aerodynamic, it is very fast on the plains and hills.

As always, the downhill behavior is excellent, precise, stable, safe.

Excellent braking.

Uphill it runs fast, but for a medium-level cyclist the weight is felt and slows down.

On the other hand, if she has trained, she takes advantage of all the rigidity of the frame and runs faster than many lighter bikes.

Too bad for the high price.

Reliability is more than good.

Overall it is superior to the previous model, lighter, stiffer and more comfortable, a big leap forward.

But all this is not cheap.

Excellent bike, but expensive, this is its flaw!