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Pinarello F9 2024 Road test review Build quality

The Pinarello F9 2024 is an impeccably made bike, expensive, but from a qualitative point of view, nothing can be said.

There are no particular differences with the more expensive Pinarello Dogma F 2024, but it is also difficult to distinguish it from the Pianrello F7.

Good and superior to the competition, as Pinarello tradition, the wide availability of sizes, only inferior to the Dogma F.

The range of assemblies is good, the various components used are excellent.

The value for money is sufficient, the bike is expensive, but also very well made.

To consider the good valuation on the used market, which it will surely have.

Defects the total weight and the price.


Pinarello F9 2024 Road Test Review Frame

The frame of the Pinarello F9 2024 is of excellent quality, slightly heavier than the Dogma F and with two sizes less in the range.

The color range could also be wider.

However, it is almost impossible not to find the perfect fit.

Not a custom frame, but almost…

Quite a plus.

In this version the weight is 7.3Kg, not a little, for a price of around 11900 euros, not cheap.

Some competitors, however do not do better ...

Pinarello F9 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

Assembled with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group, nothing is left to chance.

The bicycle is beautiful, well assembled and with good quality components.

Too bad that all this does not translate into a truly competitive weight.


Pinarello F9 2024 Road test Comfort review

One of the best aspects of the 2024 Pinarello F9 is ride comfort, superior even to the Dogma F.

For a racing bike it is a very comfortable bike, not a real endurance bike, but very close.

Even on stretches of damaged asphalt, ride comfort is valid.

An excellent result, which characterizes the bicycle and differentiates it from the Dogma F.

Pinarello F9 2024 Road Test Review Guide

The Pinarello F9 2024 follows the classic Pinarello riding concept: it is a pedal motorcycle ...

Precise, safe, stable, intuitive, easy to drive, even more so than the Dogma F.

In fact, it is even more stable and safe at high speeds and on bumpy roads.

It is easy to drive on hills and curvy roads.

Stable and easy to control on rough asphalt sections.

Irreproachable at very high speeds, even on stretches of damaged asphalt, where it is a very safe racing bike.

Excellent stability and braking control.

Impossible to find fault with the steepest and most dangerous descents.

An excellent frame, which improves the characteristics of the Dogma F, with greater stability, ease of driving and safety at high speeds.

From a driving point of view, however, it is identical to the Pinarello F7 and there are no particular differences.


Pinarello F9 2024 Road test review Performance

Weight can be considered its weak point.

It is true that other similar competitors have the same weight, but it is also true that its 7.3Kg is felt all the way uphill, even with a very rigid frame, which transmits power well to the rear wheel.

It should be noted, however, that his weight is in line with other racing bikes of the same level.

Furthermore it is also true that it weighs no more than a Dogma F12 Disc ... which was not firm ...

So while there are racing bikes that are faster uphill, the overall performance is absolutely competitive.

Even uphill, then, taking advantage of the rigidity of the frame, we also find ourselves in front of much more valued racing bikes.

It remains a racing bike for powerful athletes who know how to exploit the stiffness of its frame.

The excellent rigidity of the frame and the good aerodynamics allow for competitive performance on the plains and hills, good uphill and excellent downhill, thanks to its stability and safety.

Overall an excellent racing bike on every route, at 360 degrees, perhaps only slightly penalized on the toughest climbs.

Furthermore, the good ride comfort allows it to be very competitive over very long distances.

Pinarello F9 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Pinarello F9 2024 completes the 2024 F-Series range in the best possible way and is a real alternative to the Dogma F.

Slightly heavier and equally well built, it is still cheaper than the Dogma F.

A top quality road bike that is safe, stable, comfortable and easy to ride.

It weighs a little too much and costs a lot, but it is in line with other competitors, less cared for, with fewer sizes, less rigid frames, less comfortable.

It may not be the best racing bike overall, but there are many advantages in its favor.

It will hardly win over those who are not Pinarello fans, but it is certainly a valid alternative to the Dogma F and an excellent high-end racing bike.

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