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After Pinarello presented the new range of 2024 racing bikes, the spotlight returns to a new 2025 Pinarello Dogma, a racing bike that has remained unchanged for some time and is today the oldest among the Pinarello racing bikes.

The new Pinarello Dogma 2025 has been race tested by athletes from the Ineos team and the official presentation is believed to be at the Tpur de France 2024.

Starting from the Pinarello Dogma F frame, the new Pinarello Dogma 2025 bicycle has been completely revised and evolved, lighter than the current one, with a weight saving on the frame kit of at least 100 grams, to bring the frame close to the actual 800 grams.

New aerodynamics, new asymmetric construction, new integrated cable routing, new bottom bracket and new headset, these are the main innovations of the Pinarello Dogma 2025.

Then the new wheels dedicated to this model.

It will certainly be the Pinarello Dogma 2025 racing bike as a whole that will be lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic, while the improvements in individual components could be minimal.

The price, then, would align upwards, so let's assume around 6500 euros for the frame kit.

Obviously the new frame will only be for disc brakes and only for electronic groupsets.

All the official details at the Tour de France 2024.

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