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The Pinarello Dogma F Team Ineos 2024 remains substantially unchanged compared to the 2023 version.

The Pinarello Dogma F Disc of Team Ineos 2024 is the perfect replica of the racing bike regularly on sale, customized in colors and graphics and with an assembly of the highest level, but nothing that cannot be purchased in a Pinarello dealer, with a cost well above 15 thousand euros, considering the carbon wheels.

Assembled with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset and Dura Ace wheels, it remains a very versatile, stiff and aerodynamic bike, with a weight higher than the UCI limit, but very stiff, comfortable, precise and safe at high speeds.

A very high performance bike on any type of route.

The weight is just over 7 kg.

Much attention was paid to positioning the athlete in the saddle, in order to have an efficient pedal stroke from a biomechanical point of view.

The mechanics pay just as much attention to setting up the bike, carefully checking the smoothness of all the moving parts: wheels, bottom bracket, chain.

Then attention is paid to checking the disc brakes, the brake pads must not touch the disc in the slightest when they are in the rest position.

Each bike is assembled and serviced before each race and the final checks are carried out immediately before the start.

The main secrets?

Extremely smooth chain oil, obsessive cleaning of the chain and sprocket set, spasmodic control of the wheel bearings and bottom bracket; finally, obsession with brake pads which can touch the disc even in the rest position... all checks and inspections that are done every day on all bikes...

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