2024 Pinarello Dogma X road test review opinions strengths and weaknesses everything you need to know


2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Build quality

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X has an excellent general construction quality, the price is that of a true dream bike, around 16,000 euros, but the frame is well made, excellent availability of sizes, choice of colors and assemblies.

Everything is top notch, therefore, even if you pay dearly for everything.

The quality of the components used is excellent, it's a shame that the weight remains slightly high, around 7.6 kg.

Despite being an expensive bike, the value for money is valid, but it is certainly not a bargain.

But as someone says, a Rolex doesn't tell the time more precisely than a very simple Casio, but that's a whole different thing...

Worth noting is the quality of Pinarello assistance and the valid guarantee.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Frame

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X frame is an excellent product, well made, with a wide availability of sizes and excellent general construction quality.

The weight of the frame is not very high.

The weight-to-price ratio remains discreet, but we are at a value of 7.6 kg, which is certainly not little for a bike costing 16 thousand euros.

The quality/price ratio remains between good and fair, worth noting is the good hold on the used market, at least in the past, because at these prices it is also difficult to find a buyer who wants to spend 10 thousand euros for a used bicycle.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete, nothing is missing, all at very high prices, but everyone chooses the group and assembly they like best.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is excellent.

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X version is top in everything, an excellent bike overall, impossible to criticize.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Comfort

Even without adopting particular technical solutions, the ride comfort of the Pinarello Dogma 2023 2024 is high and not at all distant from the best racing bicycles on paper.

We would have expected superior comfort from the fork, which remains relatively rigid compared to the rear triangle, which instead with its particular shape absorbs each type of shock and vibration better.

Overall, the ride comfort of the 2024 Pinarello Dogma X is excellent and allows it to be considered among the best bikes in the category.

Long distances are therefore feasible.

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X is, today, one of the most comfortable endurance racing bikes, an excellent result, a shame about the list price and a front that filters less the bumpiness of the rear part of the frame.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Guide

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X fully reflects the type of riding of the other Pinarello Dogma: a motorbike with pedals.

A racing bike with impeccable stability, both at high speeds and when passing over stretches of very worn asphalt.

Once entered into a curve it follows the trajectory as if it were a train on the tracks.

It never gets upset, not even with a side wind.

Almost zero driving effort and absolute top safety.

There is no chassis in the world that offers the same safety and driving precision.

It's clearly not the best bike for handling.

But it still remains very pleasant to drive and on curved stretches of road, precisely because of its high driving precision.

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X is the easiest and safest endurance racing bike to ride.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Performance

The new frame of the 2024 Pinarello Dogma X highlights excellent rigidity and reactivity, but clearly the overall weight of the bicycle slightly "clouds" the absolute performance, which however remains aligned with the best competitors in the category.

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X does not have a weak point, it goes well everywhere, even uphill, with the only limit of a weight that is certainly not contained in absolute terms.

But it is downhill that the 2024 Pinarello Dogma X is excellent in absolute terms, precise, safe, with an absolute reference stability, traveling on a track ...

Equally excellent are the performances on stretches of very worn asphalt, you run fast, safe and with good ride comfort.

In its category and with similar technical equipment it is competitive, in line with its main competitors.

It doesn't create a void, it's not that it's stronger, but it's an alternative to the usual names.

Still a competitive endurance bike.

2024 Pinarello Dogma X test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Pinarello Dogma X has proven to be a very competitive, comfortable and high-performance Endurance racing bike.

It runs well and is competitive on

every route, but it really expresses itself at its best downhill and on stretches of ruined asphalt.

It costs a lot, perhaps even too much for what it really offers, but today it is difficult to find a manufacturer that offers a frame in many sizes, in many colors, with all possible assemblies.

Other competitors are just as good and cost less, but you have to take their color, their assembly and adapt to the proposed size.

Everything has a cost.

Ultimately, a Pinarello Dogma X is almost a tailor-made bike, personalized in every detail.

In addition to the still high price, we would like to point out the weight and the fact that we would have liked greater homogeneity between the rear which absorbs vibrations very well and the fork which remains more rigid.

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