Passoni Titanio Disco Integrato 2024 review opinion

Passoni presented the new titanium racing bike: Passoni Titanio Disco Integrato 2024.
The construction quality of the new frame is at the top of the world panorama with a truly remarkable attention to detail.

Even the quality of the titanium used by Passoni always ranks at the top.

The frame kit is not cheap, but in proportion it is even cheap, given the costs of many high-end carbon fiber frames from Southeast Asia.

The internal cable routing solution is excellent.

The ability to customize the bike is absolutely top notch.

It is certainly not a light bike, but very comfortable.

Titanium has no competition in terms of comfort.

A timeless "eternal" bike, of absolute constricting quality.

It's not cheap, but it's really worth what it costs.

From a technical point of view, the only flaw may be the overall weight of the bike, but using titanium, these are the weights.