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2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Build quality

The Orbea Occam SL 2024 has a high cost, but a high build quality, nothing to complain about.

Also noteworthy is the wide availability of sizes, the various assemblies and the color range.

The general construction quality is therefore very good, the prices, although high, are competitive and if you don't choose the top of the range they still remain affordable.

In reality, even the most expensive version, around 10 thousand euros for the top of the range version, always remains cheaper than its direct competitors.

The weight is also excellent, around 10.85kg for the lightest version.

It's not a bargain, no modern bicycle is, but the value for money is more than good.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Frame

New frame, new geometries, new rear suspension, new everything.

New weight distribution, an excellent product that follows the technical fashions of the moment.

All very well done.

There are no notes to make, but possibly underline that there is a high availability of sizes, so as to allow everyone to have a frame of the correct size, which rarely happens.

The availability of colours, assemblies and the possibility of customizing the bike is also excellent.

Ultimately there are no notes to make.

A bike that, if desired, emerges from classic anonymity to become truly unique and personal.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies of the new Orbea Occam SL 2024 is complete and wide, you can't complain because everyone, based on their financial resources, will be able to find their ideal assembly.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is good and excellent in the top range version.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Comfort

With a large suspension travel, 140mm, 29er wheels, excellent components it is useless to talk about ride comfort.

We are at a level of absolute excellence.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Guide

The Orbea Occam SL 2024 is an excellent compromise for those who want a downhill mountain bike, but still want to pedal well uphill and on flat terrain.

It is not a 100% downhill bike, but its ideal use is 60% downhill and the rest uphill and flat.

Downhill it doesn't have many rivals for ease of riding and intuitiveness, a sincere, predictable, even safe mountain bike within certain riding speeds.

Obviously downhill, the more you increase the pace, the more driving skills are needed, the limits of the Orbea Occam SL 2024 are very high, consequently the driving skills must also be high.

However, it remains a very safe mtb bike.

Very easy to handle, it still remains easy to control at high speeds.

It is never a nervous mountain bike, very intuitive and predictable, however fast and reactive, it does not allow distractions, it must be ridden decisively and it repays with equal precision and top performance.

Excellent traction and ease of driving uphill, also thanks to a relatively low weight.

Performance on the flats is equally good.

Excellent braking and good suspension, smooth and easy to set up.

An excellent mountain bike downhill, but also valid uphill.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Performance

The relatively low weight of the Orbea Occam SL 2024, the excellent chassis and the excellent suspensions lead to absolutely competitive performance.

Its strong point is downhill, while uphill and on long journeys you can feel the weight and greater suspension travel compared to other models with less travel.

But ultimately it has an excellent balance, between the high performance it allows when going downhill and the possibility of pedaling for a long time uphill or on the flat.

In its sector, it is a highly competitive mountain bike.

Slower than a mountain bike with 120mm of travel, but decidedly faster than a mountain bike with 160mm or more of suspension travel.

On the flats it is behind lighter MTBs, but on descents it is close to MTBs with 160mm travel and ahead of other MTBs similar in terms of weight and suspension travel.

An excellent balance that you may like or not, but it is truly a 360 degree mountain bike, with a preference for downhill.

2024 Orbea Occam SL off road test review Pros and cons

The Orbea Occam SL 2024 has proven to be a very competitive mountain bike and perfect evolution of the previous model.

A mountain bike that gives its best on downhills, but holds up more than well on flats and uphills.

Very easy and safe to drive, it still requires a certain driving ability and commitment at high speeds.

The price is competitive, but the sales network is limited and maintenance is certainly not easy.

Resaleability is also a problem in a market where everyone looks at just one brand...

But ultimately it is a very valid mountain bike with a valid quality-price ratio.

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