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2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road test review Build quality

The Orbea Gain 2024 has a good build quality, nothing to complain about.

The list price is no longer as convenient as in the past, but the value for money is among the best ever.

Ultimately it has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is made just as well, weighs even less and promises greater autonomy (promises ...).

The good availability of assemblies should be noted.

The overall build quality is therefore very good.

It's not a bargain, but the value for money is very competitive.



2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road Test Review Frame

The new frame is completely new, new geometries, new internal cable routing, new hub motor, new integrated battery, possibility of adding an external battery.

The top that the market offers today for a very light racing ebike.

A very valid product and among the best ever offered on the market today.

The complete bike, in its lightest (and most expensive...) version, weighs around 11.5kg, in fact the price/weight ratio is the best on the market.

Good availability of sizes and excellent ability to customize the bicycle.

There are no notes to make.


2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, even if we start from an already economically demanding entry level, over 6 thousand euros.

The build and assembly quality, in each version, is valid.

It is not a cheap ebike but of good quality and excellent performance.



2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road test Comfort review

Ride comfort is not the absolute top, there are no real shock absorbing systems, we rely heavily on large section tires and the geometry of the frame.

Overall, the ride comfort is valid and on par with the best ebikes in the category.

To have a better ride comfort you have to switch to a suspension chassis.


2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road Test Review Guide

The Orbea Gain 2024 is a very light ebike, but also very stable, safe and easy to ride.

Despite the weight not contained in absolute terms, it enters corners easily and also with good speed.

There are no problems exiting corners and even on stretches of damaged asphalt the Orbea Gain 2024 is always stable and safe.

It is also advertised as a gravel ebike, but we have not tested this feature.

Ultimately, with the right tires, it will be fine even on dirt roads.

Excellent stability at high speeds, braking and ease of managing braking in conditions of reduced grip.

A very easy and safe ebike to ride, which allows even the less experienced to go fast and the more experienced to dare beyond what they should.

The only limit is a handling that is not very high like other competitors.



ebike Orbea Gain 2024 Road test review Performance

The weight is relatively low, but, as always, don't expect great pedaling pleasure without the help of the electric motor.

In the end it's always a bicycle weighing over 10kg, in the lightest version ...

So without the help of the electric motor you really don't go much further.

The strong point of this Orbea ebike is that the promised autonomy is superior to its rivals, we should touch 100 real km and even reach 150 real km with careful use of the engine.

An advantage of at least 50 km of greater autonomy compared to other competitors, they are not few.

The performance expressed by the Mahle engine is in line with other competitors who adopt the same Mahle X20 groupset.

An engine that up to now has highlighted a low weight, excellent performance and good general reliability.

Overall, therefore, if we combine the qualities of the engine with those of the excellent carbon frame, the result is a winning combination that has nothing to envy to the best achievements in the sector.

Its behavior uphill is excellent, valid on the plains and equally excellent downhill.

It's an electric bicycle, at least in the top-of-the-range version, very competitive and high performance.


2024 ebike Orbea Gain Road test review Pros and cons

The Orbea Gain 2024 has proved to be an excellent ebike.

Light, powerful, with excellent autonomy and good overall performance.

It also has good ride comfort.

Excellent stability and driving safety, on the other hand sufficient handling.

The only drawback is the price, lower than its direct competitors, but 10,000 euros for a bicycle weighing over 10kg, even if electric, is exaggerated in our opinion, just as we find the price of the entry level model high.

Defect that this ebike has in common with all the others ...

Another defect, this more concrete one, is Orbea's reduced commercial network in Italy, the assistance network and the evaluations of its products on the second-hand market, in which only three Italian and four foreign brands are always sought ...

Having said that, the Orbea Gain 2024 is an excellent ebike, with no real flaws and with excellent performance, offered at a lower price than its competitors.


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