Merida Scultura Team 2024, all you need to know before buying a new bike Merida Scultura Team 2024 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


2024 Merida Scultura Team Road test review Build quality

The Merida Scultura Team is not a real novelty, for some time on the market it has remained a rational racing bike, well made, without excelling, but without particular problems.

The availability of sizes is good, the range of assemblies is not so wide and the color is unique.

The quality / price ratio is excellent with a considerable saving for the same assembly and production


2024 Merida Scultura Team  Road Test Review Frame

The frame of the 2024 Merida Scultura Team is well made and available in a good range of sizes.

Sufficiently light, it stands out for the good balance between weight and rigidity, as well as a price well below other direct competitors.

Overall everything is well done and nothing can be complained about.

The weight is good, the top-of-the-range version drops to 7.1Kg.

2024 Merida Scultura Team Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is limited, but still complete, always with an excellent value for money.

In fact, there is a version for every price range.

There isn't much choice between colors and group brands, but ultimately there is a bike for every pocket ...

In each proposed model the value for money is excellent.


2024 Merida Scultura Team Road test Comfort review

Ride comfort is certainly not the best feature of this frame, but it still ranks among the high-performance racing bikes with the highest ride comfort.

Medium and long distance outings are therefore feasible.

For a non-endurance racing bike it is comfortable and in any case the ride comfort is in line with the best competitors in the sector.

2024 Merida Scultura Team Road Test Review Guide

A very manageable racing bike, quick to enter corners and changes of direction.

It is not affected by the side wind, but at high speeds it must be driven with a certain decision because the steering becomes light.

For this you need a decision and a firm handlebar when passing on damaged asphalt sections.

Downhill you need to decide because the steering is light and sensitive to any stress.

Excellent uphill and braking behavior.

In general it is a very manageable, reactive and nervous bike, it requires some experience of riding at high speeds.


2024 Merida Scultura Team Road test review Performance

The Merida Scutura Team does not fear comparisons with the best competitors in the sector.

Very stiff, it has excellent performance on the plains and hills.

Uphill it is very good, it is not very light, but it has an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio.

A good athlete can take full advantage of the rigidity of the frame even uphill.

Excellent downhill performance.

Very competitive in the hilly stretches of the route, with continuous ups and downs that are not demanding, its ideal terrain.

It gives its best in the hills and downhill, it is unrivaled in these two areas.

It defends itself well on hills and plains.

A true all-round racing bike, with a good athlete in the saddle, it is competitive on every route.

A great racing bike.

2024 Merida Scultura Team Road test review Pros and cons

The Merida Scultura Team 2024 is a very good racing bike, with a great price and performance at the top of the category.

A 360 degree racing bike, fits anywhere, doesn't have a real sweet spot.

Among the defects, the limited sales network, the reduced range of colors and assemblies.

Its best value is the quality / price ratio.

NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested