2024 Merida One Sixty road test review everything you need to know





2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Build quality

The Merida One Sixty 2024 range is very well made and with an excellent value for money.

The top-of-the-range version with a weight of just over 15kg, also has an excellent price-to-weight ratio.

In terms of quality, the frame has nothing to envy to much more expensive competitors.

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Frame

The Merida One Sixty 2024 frame is very well made, nothing is missing and everything is done with good constructive care.

The availability of sizes, colors and assemblies is not high.

The toolbox with the opening under the bike is not so practical.

Competitive weight.

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Assemblies

The Merida One Sixty 2024 is available in a good amount of assemblies.

It does not reach the range of other competitors, but the various proposals are well made and with breezes spaced from each other.

Obni biker will find a model that suits your budget.

As mentioned, the only limit is the reduced possibility of choosing between the various groups, frame sizes and colors.

The very competitive price of the Merida One Sixty 2023, however, takes this limit into account.

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Comfort

Impossible to have better, one of the most comfortable bikes ever.

Excellent result.

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Guide

A very intuitive and light mtb, at least in its top range version.

Very easy to drive in all conditions.

Uphill you pedal well and tackle the most difficult paths with ease, all in spite of the high excursion of the suspensions.

Even in the pedaled sections it is possible to drive with satisfaction, with an easy, manageable and intuitive guide.

The greatest satisfaction comes downhill, as is obvious, with a very manageable geometry, but not so exasperated as to be unstable.

However, it requires a minimum of experience.

Excellent gemetry in narrow paths.

Good stability at high speeds.

Excellent braking.

An easy-to-ride mtb perfect on the slopes and in the narrowest courses where it highlights excellent handling.

Excellent work of the rear suspension and fork.

Ultimately it is an excellent MTB perfect downhill, but also good on the flat and uphill.

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Performance

The Merida One Sixty 2024 is not afraid of all the competitors on the market.

Lightweight, with a rigid frame and assembled with quality components, it allows outstanding performance in all conditions of use.

In discsa, especially on very guided and technical routes, it is excellent in absolute terms, very difficult to overcome, even if it requires a certain commitment of driving and experience.

Equally velid are its performance uphill, excellent compared to similar currents, good in absolute terms.

Performance on the plains is also good.

A very valid mtb, aimed at the descent, but which allows good performance even uphill and flat.

Even if it costs less, but like many more expensive competitors, often even better ...

2024 Merida One Sixty road test review Pros and Cons

The Merida One Sixty 2023 proves to be an excellent mtb, of excellent overall quality and with an excellent price / performance ratio.

Very good downhill, it defends itself well even uphill and flat.

With other similar competitors it does not fear comparisons for its quality, performance and price.

The only flaws are the toolbox that opens from under the bike and the limited sales network.

The price / quality ratio is very competitive.