Long-term rental of a racing bike, it's better or not, here's the answer

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Given the cost reached by modern racing bikes, given the high prices of all the new racing bikes for 2023 and worse it will be for 2024, the sale through long-term rental is also starting to make headway in the world of racing bikes.

In the case of racing bikes, the offers that have been seen so far are 12 or 24 months of rental, with the option of redeeming the racing bike at the end of the rental, or returning it.

Do the math, a long-term rental for a racing bike for 5,000 euros costs around 150 euros a month.

So we are at 1800 euros of cost at the end of the 12 months, provided that there are no other expenses foreseen in the contract.

A lot or a few?

After three years of leasing, the racing bike was paid for in full.

A lot or a few?

It all depends on your budget and how you experience the racing bicycle.

There are those who want a new racing bike every year, the latest innovation, in this case long-term rental can be advantageous, but not always.

In fact, the calculations are made on the list price, not on the price that a good merchant manages to obtain with a nice discount on the list price, nor does one consider that the good merchant will be able to sell the racing bike well at the end of the season.

If all goes well, you spend less than long-term rental.

However, not everyone has these skills and the time to dedicate to this "market", so long-term rental can be convenient for those who buy a bicycle and want to resell it after a year.

You have no problems collecting used goods, leaving the bicycle on consignment, after a year the bicycle is no longer yours, you have paid for its use.

Certainly the convenience begins to be less if you keep the racing bike for two years and in the end very little convenient if you keep it for three years.

For longer durations, the purchase remains the best solution.

The other financing formula is not convenient either, you pay for two or between years and then decide whether to keep it.

Also in this case the advantage is only if you want to change the bicycle often, therefore returning the bicycle at the end of the two or three years, because otherwise the lump sum purchase remains more convenient.

In the end, the always more convenient thing is to keep the racing bike for many years, buying a model that is not so expensive, but of good quality and reliability.

Changing your racing bike after every year or even after two or three years is just consumerism, nothing to do with sport, also because progress in the world of racing bikes is very slow, so after three years you risk buy a bike with the same performance as the one you just sold.