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GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review Build quality

The GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 is well made, the availability of sizes is good.

The possibility of having a carbon or aluminum frame is excellent.

The build quality is valid, even if we see a constant increase in prices, little justified compared to the past.

Good color range.

Overall, the value for money is valid, but it doesn't seem as convenient as in the past, even if it is certainly not the most expensive category mtb.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review frame

The new GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 frame has been completely revised, a decisive upgrade compared to the past.

Whether it's carbon or aluminum the overall quality is valid.

The GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 version has a real weight of about 14.2 kg.

It's not exactly content in absolute terms, but it's a valid result for the category.

There are no other notes to make.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete, even if not all versions arrive in Europe.

But there is a choice for every need and budget.

The more observant have already noticed an increase in the price list which makes the GTs less convenient than in the past.

Indeed, in the past GT was synonymous with an excellent product at an excellent price, now it remains an excellent product with an honest price, but clearly, at this point, there is no shortage of alternatives.

The build and assembly quality, in each version, is still good.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review Comfort

The GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 has a very high ride comfort and the generous suspension travel could not be otherwise.

It is useless to look for faults, once the suspensions have been calibrated in an optimal way, comfort is valid.

There is nothing more to add.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 Test Review Guide

The GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 is clearly a downhill mtb in which it expresses the best of itself with a demanding ride, but which allows high performance.

Uphill it has good balance, good traction, but it's clearly a heavy mtb and certainly not designed for long technical climbs.

Despite this, it still remains pedalable, just as it performs well on the flat.

But the GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 manages to offer the best downhill, where it allows high performance, great handling, realzioe speed and overall excellent performance.

Maybe it's not a very easy mtb to ride to the limit, but at medium pace it's within everyone's reach.

Like all high-performance MTBs, it requires some riding experience to get the most out of its frame.

The assembly is valid, with brakes and suspensions that work well, but the whole mtb is perfect.

overall it is not an easy mtb to ride at high speeds, but very easy to handle and perfect for more technical descents.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review Performance

The weight certainly not contained in absolute terms penalizes the GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 uphill, but remains competitive with other mtb of the same level.

Even on the plains, the weight and the suspension travel penalizes performance and also the pleasure of pedaling, an aspect common to many MTBs that weigh over 14 kg and have ample suspension travel.

It should be noted, however, that in its category it is perhaps the best in terms of general behaviour.

It weighs and is tall but not like other competitors.

Downhill, on the other hand, it proves to be very competitive, perfectly at ease in any context, but above all on narrow and technical routes, where it shows excellent performance overall.

A mtb, perfect for downhill, where it is certainly competitive, and valid on the plains and uphill, where it differs and is in line with other similar mtb.

GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 test review Pros and cons

The GT Sensor ST Pro 2024 has proved to be a perfect mtb for downhill and for those who want manageable and reactive frames, suitable for technical, narrow and difficult routes.

Driving qualities and uphill and flat performance are in line with its category.

Good value for money, valid if not as competitive as in the past.

However, it remains a valid choice and a competitive mtb.


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