Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 road test ride review



Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road test review Build quality

The Giant Revolt Advanced 2022, has a good value for money, a good gravel bike, even without sophisticated details and premium finishes.

Overall, however, it is very difficult to make real criticisms, also in consideration of the price, undoubtedly high, but not as high as other competitors.


Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road Test Review Frame

One of the problems with the Giant Revolt gravel frame is the availability of sizes and its measurements.

It is not easy to identify the correct measure, because there is always a large difference between one measure and another.

Finding the size that fits a cyclist's build is often difficult, very ...

For the rest, the classic Giant frame, well made, without excelling, but without obvious defects and gaps.




Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies, which also differ in the carbon used, is extremely complete, including the aluminum frame.

Analyzing the assemblies and the value for money, however, the best choice is the entry level version in carbon.

In proportion, the version with an aluminum frame is too expensive, while the top range has a good price and is competitive with other competitors, but is still double the cheaper carbon version.

However, the range is wide and you can't complain about anything.




Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road test Comfort review

Valid, despite the simplicity of its chassis, ride comfort is very good and competitive.

Certainly, competitors with suspension frames offer even greater ride comfort, but they have higher prices, higher weights and higher running costs.

On paved roads, ride comfort is excellent, good off road.




Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road Test Review Guide

A very easy bike to ride, intuitive, sincere, safe.

On the road it is really enjoyable, even in tourism, because it is easy to drive, safe downhill, with valid braking.

Ultimately there are faster bikes, but the price to pay is more riding effort.

Even off-road it is an intuitive and easy to ride bike, more nervous and difficult in the challenging sections than a suspension frame, but faster in the sections with hard and sliding surfaces.

A bike designed to run on asphalt and off road, with a reduced driving commitment.




Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road test review Performance

It is a very competitive gravel bike on fast routes, on asphalt and off road.

To be taken to the limit requires a certain experience and a certain driving commitment, but up to a medium-high level the bike is easy to ride.

The rigid frame and the absence of suspension lead to fast reactions in off road, on the one hand they make the bike very fast, on the other hand you need more reflexes and driving skills to face every reaction.

Overall, the performance is competitive against the best competitors, often much more expensive.




Giant Revolt Advanced 2022 Road test review Pros and cons

The Giant Revolt Advanced 2022, is no longer a novelty, but it remains an excellent gravel bike.

Its best value is the value for money, it is well made but it does not cost a fool.

Its real flaw are the geometries that do not fit everyone because the available sizes are few, it would take at least two more.



NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested