Giant Propel VS Giant TCR best racing bike which one to choose

Best racing bike which one to choose test review Build quality

Both Giant racing bikes are well crafted.

They are different models, but from a qualitative point of view they are the same.

Even the choice of sizes is identical, the range of assemblies and unfortunately also the limited range of colors, the only defect of the bike.


Best racing bike which one to choose test review Frame

The two frames are well made and of excellent quality.

The difference is in weight and stiffness.

Just heavier than the Giant Propel frame, but also stiffer and more aerodynamic.

Lighter and more comfortable the Giant TCR frame.

Best racing bike which one to choose test review Assemblies

Both bikes have a great range of assemblies, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

With the same assembly, the price difference between the two models is minimal.

For both, between the top-of-the-range version and the entry level version there is a big gulf.

With the same assembly, the Giant TCR is always lighter than the Giant Propel.


Best racing bike which one to choose test review Comfort

Neither racing bike is comfortable, but the Giant TCR is still superior to the Giant Propel in ride comfort, even if the gap has narrowed considerably today.

In reality, then, neither is suitable for the simple amateur, but both are intended for advanced agonists, who will find the Giant TCR very comfortable and the Giant Propel comfortable.

Best racing bike which one to choose test review guide

Both Giant racing bikes are very safe and easy to ride.

On the straight the Giant Propel is more affected by the crosswind, as well as on bumpy asphalt sections the Giant TCR is safer and easier to control.

At high speeds, on the other hand, the Giant Propel is safer, provided that the asphalt is well smoothed, otherwise the TCR is better.

Excellent braking for both bikes.

While they have different dynamic behavior, they are both safe and easy to drive.

In some courses the Giant Propel takes advantage, in others the Giant TCR.

Even if the differences are minimal, we can say that the Giant TCR is easier and safer to drive than the Giant Propel.


Best racing bike which one to choose test review Performance

Both Giant racing bikes They have very high performance and at the top of the category.

On the plain, the stiffness of the frame and the excellent aerodynamics benefit the Giant Propel.

Even in the hills the Giant Propel continues to be a winner, even if the difference with the Giant TCR is almost nil.

Uphill, however, the Giant TCR takes back its revenge and detaches the Giant Propel.

On the way down, the comparison ends at par.

An athlete who develops a lot of watts will always be faster with the Propel, even uphill.

A lighter athlete who develops fewer watts will be faster with the TCR.

Another discriminating factor is the type of route, if there is a lot of plain, the Giant Propel is better, but if it is a mixed hill and climb, the TCR is better.

Best racing bike which one to choose test review Pros and cons

The two Giant racing bikes are great but different.

Ultimately the Giant Propel is a racing bike for an agonist, powerful, who will be able to take advantage of his frame.

Even a triathlete will have a great time with the Giant Propel, as well as the athletes who compete on the circuit and in lowland stages.

For the climb, for a not so trained amateur, to have a racing bike that always goes well everywhere, the Giant TCR is the best choice.

NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested