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After Giant presented the new Giant Propel, the spotlight returns to a new Giant TCR 2024, even if we can now talk about 2025.

The new Giant TCR is unlikely to be seen before the end of 2024, but anything is possible...

Starting from the Giant Propel frame, we should expect a new Giant TCR 2025 bicycle, lighter than the current one, with a weight saving on the frame kit of at least 50 grams, but perhaps even 100.

Surely a new integrated handlebar and a new seat post will arrive.

Then the new wheels dedicated to this model.

It will certainly be the 2025 Giant TCR racing bike as a whole that will be lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic, while improvements to individual components may be minimal.

But 100 grams on the frame, another hundred on the wheels, 50 grams on the handlebars, so with the same assembly we are already at a weight advantage of around 250 grams, in our opinion the target that Giant will want to reach.

With this upgrade, the new Giant TCR 2025 would be competitive with respect to the current model and would also return to being competitive with the Giant Propel 2023.

Today Giant TCR and Giant Propel are too close in weight and general performance, greater differentiation is needed.

Otherwise Giant will, after decades, have to say goodbye to its TCR chassis, which is impossible...

The price, then, would align upwards, in line with the current Giant Propel, so let's assume around 3990 euros for the frame kit.

There is no official confirmation from Giant on the existence of this new 2025 Giant TCR race bike.

Obviously the new frame will only be for disc brakes.

We'll see.

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