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EBIKE GASGAS ECC 2024 price review technical data sheet


From the special stages of the UCI MTB World Cup to the Concessionaires... the adrenaline level is through the roof for
the launch of the new GASGAS ECC, a one-of-a-kind high-performance e-mtb. Designed by KISKA for
account of GASGAS and tested on the most difficult courses of the UCI E-Enduro World Cup, the ECC is ready to amaze.
• Take a closer look… the all-new GASGAS ECC is here
• The ECC uses the revolutionary SRAM Eagle Powertrain unit
• The innovative DVO suspensions developed by WP Suspension are an absolute novelty for mountain
Already able to guarantee podium performances thanks to the success of the GASGAS e-enduro teams, the ECC
represents a new point of reference for electric MTBs. The full-carbon frame, complete with rear stay
rear specific for each size, offers a driving sensation never felt before. Developed for
perform at its best, the cutting-edge SRAM motor and WP's DVO suspension technology
Suspension, make the ECC unique!
Born from scratch
The ECC is a 100% thoroughbred GASGAS: from the paper plan to the finished model, every aspect, detail and
concept was carefully thought out, then tested and tested again! The end result is a carbon frame
completely new, capable of mastering the most demanding enduro routes.
The rigorous field testing of the GASGAS teams in the UCI E-Enduro World Cup calendar has resulted
to a frame with 160 mm travel developed for high speeds. Geometries in line with the most modern ones
enduro bikes, a further step forward has been taken with the addition of a specific rear stay for each
cut. This offers a much more personalized riding feel, whether you use an S/M, M/L or chassis
Of motorcycle origin, the optional frame cover system is not just a design feature,
but it is also functional. The lightweight plastic kit and the skid plate, in fact, offer an additional
protection from scratches and high-speed impacts. Furthermore, they guarantee great possibilities of
A better ride with SRAM
At the heart of the GASGAS ECC beats the brand new SRAM Eagle Powertrain drive unit. Designed to deliver
power in a whole new way, the SRAM Eagle Powertrain is a complete system that can replicate
a much more natural pedaling experience.
Key features include: unique software developed by SRAM, up to 90Nm of torque with
680W of peak power and, in addition to two levels of support (Range and Rally), additional shifting capabilities
automatic and Coast Shift. A Drive Unit that stands out for its silence and limitation of energy losses
power during the most demanding rides.
The development of the new system was based on the shortcomings found in other applications such as, for example, the
Power losses due to driving in extreme conditions. SRAM has gone further, using materials
heat resistant and capable of providing superior thermal performance to deliver power for longer.
The 600Wh SRAM Eagle Powertrain battery has remarkable autonomy thanks to its advanced battery capabilities
engine and the transmission it supports. The new SRAM system simply consumes less power, the
which means you can go further with less battery capacity. It is for the most demanding riders
However, there is a 250Wh aftermarket range extender.
DVO developed by WP Suspension
WP Suspension enters the world of trail! The ECC 6 and the ECC 5, in fact, are both equipped with a system
destined to be a new protagonist in mountain bike suspension. DVO powered by WP
Suspension is a unique collaboration between two established companies that come from different contexts: the
mountain bike and motorbike. The union of WP Suspension's proven Cone Valve technology, united
DVO's reliable hardware has created a system with a safer and more efficient driving feel.
The "cone valve" chamber, present both in the front fork with 170 mm of travel and 38 mm in diameter,
which in the rear spring shock absorber allows you to drive in a more sustained manner by exploiting
more so in the first sections of the excursion thanks to better damping generated by this system.
This avoids violent impacts that could occur in the event of a sudden end-of-stroke, reduces
rider fatigue and numbness of the hands on long descents, as well as excessive chatter
during braking resulting from "braking bumps".
The ECC is available in three different trims: ECC 6, ECC 5 and ECC 4. All three share the same chassis
in carbon, the same geometry and kinematics, as well as the size of the 29" wheels. The SRAM Drive Unit
Eagle Powertrain with 600Wh battery is mounted on all ECCs, while the suspension changes: DVO
powered by WP suspension for the ECC 6 and ECC 5, and RockShox for the ECC 4.
ECC 6 - Main features
• Completely new carbon frame with specific rear stay for each size
• DVO Suspension powered by WP Suspension with Cone Valve
• SRAM Eagle Powertrain with Auto & Coast shift
• SRAM XO Eagle 12s AXS
• RockShox Reverb AXS dropper seatpost
• Color - Electronic red
ECC 5 - Main features
• Completely new carbon frame with specific rear stay for each size
• DVO Suspension powered by WP Suspension with Cone Valve
• SRAM Eagle Powertrain with Auto & Coast shift
• SRAM GX Eagle 12s AXS
• GASGAS Pro dropper seatpost
• Color - Jet black
ECC 4 - Main features
• Completely new carbon frame with specific rear stay for each size
• RockShox suspension
• SRAM Eagle Powertrain
• SRAM GX Eagle 12s
• GASGAS Pro dropper seatpost
• Color - Anthracite metallic / sangria red
*The models are available in all sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL
GASGAS Dealers will receive first deliveries of the ECC by the end of 2023, with worldwide availability in early 2024.

These are the prices:

GASGAS ECC6 9999 euros.

GASGAS ECC5 8999 euros.

GASGAS ECC4 7999 euros.