NEW FELT VR 2024 2025 bike all the info you need to know


FELT is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest addition to its line: the new FELT VR, an innovative road bike designed to set new boundaries in the saddle. Created for those who love adventure on all types of surfaces and long days in the saddle, the VR sits between the FR road bike and the BREED CARBON gravel bike. The new FELT VR fits into this space, offering the best of both worlds: perfectly capable of tackling the most disparate surfaces, it is equipped with cutting-edge features that guarantee unparalleled performance, comfort and versatility.

Main features:

900g carbon frame, bold and elegant.

The new FELT VR takes a huge leap forward in terms of style and functional design, with bold lines and unique structural solutions. The new frame sets a new standard with a unique carbon layup across all models, ensuring optimal strength and stiffness without compromising weight and compliance. The advanced construction technique, which uses high quality unidirectional carbon fibre, allows the perfect balance between comfort and stiffness to be achieved, whilst maintaining a frame weight of just 900g. This feature makes the new FELT VR one of the lightest All-Road/Endurance bicycles available on the market.

Variable section inclined stays for maximum comfort.

The new FELT VR ensures the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility thanks to variable section inclined stays. While the research and development team opted for the classic double diamond design to emphasize the rigidity and responsiveness of the FR, for the new VR they preferred a solution of inclined chainstays of the rear stay to enhance comfort over responsiveness. This innovative design makes the new FELT VR suitable for long distances and the most varied road conditions. The result is a bike as snappy as the FELT FR on asphalt and as high-performance as the FELT Breed Carbon on dirt: a bike to ride anywhere, and quickly.

Ample tire clearance.

Versatility at its maximum thanks to greater tire clearance: the new FELT VR can accommodate tires up to 38 mm according to the ETRTO standard. This gives cyclists the freedom to choose larger tires to improve comfort and adaptability on various terrains.

Aerodynamic integration: internal cable routing and unique cockpit.

The integrated cockpit of the FELT VR minimizes drag and optimizes performance. The seamless integration of handlebar and stem contributes to a clean, modern look. Internal cable routing not only reduces drag, but also maintains sleek lines for a clutter-free aesthetic.

Integrated seat post system.

Taking and adapting the technology that FELT first developed for its flagship, the BREED CARBON, the new FELT VR pushes you to ride faster and even further thanks to the exclusive TaperLoc seatpost system and integrated clamp. When using a 27.2mm seat post, the new FELT VR can use its anti-vibration sleeve to attenuate high-frequency shocks and ground vibrations. In case of using the 30.9 mm seat post, it is not necessary to use the sleeve.

Predisposition for the dropout and anti-vibration sleeve.

The new FELT VR offers greater versatility and can accommodate a 27.2 seat post for greater off-road comfort, while still using the patented anti-vibration sleeve. A whole new level of handling and capability that extends between on-road and off-road.

D-shaped head tube.

The unique D-shaped head tube ensures perfect integration without compromising the volume of the head tube and contributes to the aerodynamic appearance of the bike. In combination with the classic road bike headset with 1 1/8" and 1.5" bearings, perfect integration is achieved without an excessive increase in head tube volumes which would affect the aerodynamics and aesthetics of the bike. bicycle.

New UDH dropout and T47 asymmetric bottom bracket

The new FELT VR features a stiffer and stronger UDH dropout, offering greater durability and ease of replacement. The T47 asymmetric threaded bottom bracket design also eliminates squeaking and offers an asymmetric option that provides better protection from chain drop on the drive side.

Predisposition for mechanical groups.

The new FELT VR has been designed with versatility in mind, to accommodate mechanical groupsets for those who prefer customization and flexibility in the choice of components. It can also be set up with the single crown and, in this case, a plastic cover plate with a specific design will cover the derailleur attachment ensuring further aerodynamic gain.

The new FELT VR will be available in 5 different versions:

VR | ADVANCED | ULTEGRA Di2 (Lightning White / Felt Black / Fast Orange)
VR | ADVANCED | 105 Di2 (Fast Orange / Felt Black / Disruptive Blue)
VR | ADVANCED | 105 Di2 (Disruptive Blue / Lightning White / Fast Orange)
VR | ADVANCED | 105 (Matte Bay Blue / Lightning White / Fast Orange)
VR | ADVANCED | 105 (Felt Black / Lightning White / Disruptive Blue)