NEW FELT FR 2024 2025 bike all the info you need to know


FELT Bicycles is proud to present its latest innovation: the new FELT FR. This road bicycle was created to propose new standards of performance and, thanks to its cutting-edge features and its refined design, responds to the needs of cyclists who require maximum speed and style. Its elegant design and aerodynamically optimized geometry make it high-performance in races and on routes with significant height differences.

Main features:

Premium carbon frame weighing less than 900g for all models.

The new FELT FR boasts a single layer of carbon, which ensures optimal strength and stiffness without compromising weight. This means that every version, from the top of the range model featuring the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset, to the entry level one with Shimano 105 mechanical, shares the same premium carbon lay-up. A new approach, and one that is not often found on the market. Using high quality unidirectional carbon fibre, the new FELT FR range achieves the perfect balance between stiffness and responsiveness. These technical choices on materials improve the overall riding experience, offering cyclists high control and maximum power transfer without dispersion. This engineering approach results in a frame that is not only incredibly light (less than 900 grams in size 51), but also robust, therefore offering an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

New design: classic, slim and aggressive.

The new FELT FR is characterized by elegant and aggressive shapes, and perfectly combines aesthetics and aerodynamics. The slim profile of the frame not only enhances the appeal of the bicycle, but also helps to provide an exceptional riding feel. The new design is the result of years of aerodynamic research, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies and wind tunnel tests. The profiles of the tubes, in particular the oblique and steering tube, have optimized aerodynamics capable of improving the speed of the bicycle while reducing air resistance to a minimum. The horizontal top tube reduces the frontal surface area and the carefully reduced volumes in the head tube area contribute to the bike's slim and aggressive aesthetic.

Double diamond design for maximum rigidity.

Thanks to the classic double diamond design, the FELT FR guarantees maximum rigidity for a responsive and efficient driving feeling. This timeless design element pays homage to classic cycling heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern performance. The diamond design is technically a must for maximum rigidity. This design choice ensures efficient transfer of power, reactivity and stability, allowing cyclists to tackle uphill accelerations and out-of-the-saddle sprints to the fullest extent possible.

Variable section sheaths.

To achieve the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, the new FELT FR features variable section stays. This innovative design improves rider comfort without compromising the responsiveness of the bike, offering advantages over long distances and challenging climbs that require out-of-the-saddle efforts.

More tire clearance.

The new FELT FR offers increased tire clearance, which can be mounted up to 30 mm according to ETRTO standards. This not only gives riders the freedom to choose larger tires for improved comfort or cornering stability, but also ensures versatility in different road conditions. Furthermore, it is possible to fit a wider range of wheelsets, and follow the latest market trends with wider channel rims.

Complete integration: internal cable routing, one-piece cockpit and integrated seat post.

The integrated cockpit of the new FELT FR is designed to minimize aerodynamic drag and optimize performance. The seamless integration of the handlebar and stem not only improves aerodynamics, but also helps give the bike a clean, modern look. Likewise, the integration of the seat post into the frame and the internal cable routing improves the aesthetics of the bicycle and contributes to its aerodynamic profile.

D-shaped head tube.

The D-shaped head tube is a technical innovation that allows you to use the classic thin headset bearing of 1 1/8" at the top and -1.5" at the bottom.

This design ensures perfect integration without compromising the volume of the head tube, contributing to a better appearance and optimized aerodynamics of the bicycle.

New UDH dropout and T47 asymmetric bottom bracket

The new FELT FR features a stiffer and stronger UDH dropout, offering greater durability and ease of replacement.

The T47 asymmetric threaded bottom bracket design also eliminates creaking and offers an asymmetric option that provides better protection from chain drop on the drive side.

Predisposition for mechanical groups.

The new FELT FR was designed with versatility in mind, to accommodate mechanical groupsets for those who prefer customization and flexibility in the choice of components. It can also be set up with a single chainring and, in this case, a specifically designed plastic cover plate will cover the derailleur attachment ensuring further aerodynamic gain.

The new FELT FR is a testament to FELT Bicycles' commitment to pushing the boundaries of cycling innovation. For cyclists looking for unparalleled performance, aerodynamics and aesthetics, the new FELT FR is the definitive choice. It is a technical masterpiece that encompasses precision engineering and innovation to deliver an unprecedented driving experience.

The new FELT FR will be available in 6 different versions:

FR | ADVANCED + | DURA-ACE Di2 (Matte Carbon Vapor / Felt Black / Fast Orange)
FR | ADVANCED + | ULTEGRA Di2 (Matte Carbon Vapor / Felt Black / Fast Orange)
FR | ADVANCED | ULTEGRA Di2 (Lightning White / Felt Black / Disruptive Blue)
FR | ADVANCED | 105 Di2 (Fast Orange / Felt Black / Disruptive Blue)
FR | ADVANCED | 105 Di2 (Disruptive Blue / Lightning White / Fast Orange)
FR | ADVANCED | 105 (Matte Bay Blue / Lightning White / Fast Orange)