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2024 FELT iAX price technical data sheet review all you need to know


FELT Bicycles, a pioneer brand in the world of triathlon, is proud to present the latest innovation dedicated to this segment: the IAx model.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the advanced FELT range, the IAx presents itself as an accessible and simple option, capable of satisfying both the practicality and high performance needs of triathletes around the world.

A legacy of excellence

From the historic Felt B2 custom-made for superstar Paula Newby-Fraser, to the revolutionary new AI 2.0: for the last 30 years FELT has consistently pursued the goal of creating cutting-edge triathlon bikes. The legendary AI platform, with its innovative design, has been setting new standards in the world of triathlon for almost a decade. While advances in the latest AI 2.0 platform dazzle the triathlon world, the original AI remains a timeless benchmark for speed and performance. Inspired by the latter, and with the aim of making the brand's world-famous speed available to more triathletes, FELT has now developed the IAx.

Optimized aerodynamics

Tested to match the speed of the iconic AI, the IAx stands out with its aerodynamic design.

The frontal area adopts a conventional fork, moving away from the familiar aerodynamic cone shape found on the IA and IA 2.0. This choice is intended to maintain the fundamental principles of aerodynamics, driving precision and stability in windy conditions, offering triathletes greater accessibility of the platform without compromising speed.

Thanks to the simplified design and the ease of packing and reassembling the components, traveling with the IAx has never been easier.

Greater convenience

The IAx has been meticulously designed to deliver high aerodynamic performance, validated through extensive CFD modeling with wind tunnel testing and multiple prototypes.

The CALpac 2.0 storage compartment, integrated into the top tube, provides quick and easy access to nutrition and hydration essentials. Furthermore, the BTSpac set located behind the seat tube offers an optimal aerodynamic solution for storing the tool kit for puncture repairs, or for having any other functional object with you.

Four different models

The IAx is available in four distinct models, each of which meets the different preferences and needs of triathletes:

IAx Advanced Ultegra Di2 - Color Turquoise
IAx Advanced Rival eTap AXS - Hibiscus colour
IAx Advanced 105 Di2 - Astral colour
IAx Advanced 105 - Color Sage White

While the IA 2.0 sits at the pinnacle of FELT's offerings, the IAx represents a commitment to providing world-class triathlon bikes with greater accessibility, pushing athletes of all levels to greater heights in their endeavors.

Price around €7,000