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Very often you are refused an intervention under warranty on your ebike.

It is often denied, or the responsibility remains with others.

The dealer is the first to discharge the responsibility on the "they don't recognize it under warranty" brand, which in turn discharges the responsibility on the manufacturer of the specific component, which perhaps is not based in Italy.

A rubber wall that eventually discourages the customer.

But that's not how things work at all ...

The warranty on an ebike, in Italy, lasts 2 years from the date of purchase.

It applies to the ebike as a whole and is supplied by the "SELLER" and then by the "MANUFACTURER".

Clearly the guarantee has its limits which can be summarized as follows:

• Lack of purchase fiscal document.

• Failure to adjust mechanical parts (gearbox, brakes, saddle, handlebar, pedals, etc.)

• Natural wear and tear of consumable materials: tyres, brakes, cables and tie rods, springs, gaskets, platforms, bodywork, decals and stickers, chain, wheel spokes, bearings.

• Improper use by the purchaser (rental, racing, overloading, off-road, etc.)

• Tampering or incorrect repairs carried out by unauthorized third parties.

• Damage resulting from shock, fall or collision.

• Faults caused by use that does not comply with the notes contained in the user manual delivered to the Customer upon purchase of the vehicle. In particular: products not protected from bad weather in daily storage and in particular no longer functional due to humidity; structural failures that denote use with weight exceeding the maximum permitted (in particular use by two); failures caused by inexperience or poor maintenance.

• Products used for commercial renting, leasing or equivalent uses are excluded from any guarantee.

• Products used for competitions or conditions typical of extreme use are also excluded from the Warranty.

The ebike battery is considered a consumable and usually has a shorter warranty period, precisely because it tends to wear out over time.

Usually in the presence of falls, easy with e-mtb, the warranty is void.

It also expires with any tampering or modifications to the engine.

It also decays with the replacement of original components with others, the classic upgrades ...

If you keep it in the garage for two years or if you take it very little, the guarantee will no longer be valid after the two years.

And if it breaks down after two years and one day, you have to pay for the repair, even if it's the first time since the purchase that you've used it.
In general, if you have a problem with your ebike, it is the shopkeeper who is obliged to provide the warranty and repair the bike.
It is the dealer who has to fix it.
How he does are his problems.
At the latest, the retailer can take action against the Manufacturer, who in turn could take action against the manufacturer of the specific defective component.

When the shopkeeper does not want to repair the ebike under warranty, the first thing to do is contact a lawyer, who will order the shopkeeper to repair the ebike as required by law.

If it is not repaired, legal action will be taken, with a civil suit, which will have to economically evaluate the economic damage, both for the repair to be done and for the non-use of the vehicle.

Usually the Manufacturer is also involved.

The various consumer associations are well informed and competent on the matter.
That they all pass the barrel is a matter of course, but the law is clear and the various imaginative interpretations are completely illegitimate.
But it's useless, wrote on social media ...
If you are aware of your reasons, you must take legal action.


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