2024 DUCATI ebike reviews opinions advantages and disadvantages of DUCATI electric bicycles


These are our opinions on the 2024 DUCATI electric bicycle range.
Common Advantages of DUCATI Ebikes (or of similar quality)

Build Quality: DUCATI is known for producing high-quality motorcycles, and this is also reflected in their e-bikes.

Well thought-out design: DUCATI e-bikes are designed with attention to detail and often feature a modern and functional design.

Service and support: DUCATI usually offers good customer service and after-sales support.

Quality batteries: Ducati e-bikes are equipped with reliable, long-lasting batteries.
Performance: DUCATI e-bikes always have very high performance

Potential defects of CUBE ebikes (or similar quality)

Price: DUCATI e-bikes, like many quality e-bikes, can be quite expensive compared to other e-bikes.

Management costs: maintenance of Ducati e-bikes is often complex due to the technical solutions adopted in order to make Ducati e-bikes the best in their category from a performance point of view.
Limited sales network: the DUCATI dealer network is not homogeneous across the territory
Limited range: the DUCATI e-bike range is limited to a few expensive models, there isn't much choice.

Overall, DUCATI electric bicycles are excellent, but they have a limited sales network and the purchase and management prices are high.

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