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Periodic maintenance of an electric bicycle (ebike) is essential to ensure optimal performance, safety and durability over time.

Here are some tips for DIY maintenance of an ebike:

Regular tire checks:
Check your tire pressure and make sure it meets the manufacturer's specifications.
Inspect the tires for any cuts, abrasions or debris.

Lubrication of the chain and moving parts:
Apply chain-specific lubricant to your chain regularly.
It also lubricates other moving parts such as derailleurs and brake levers.

Checking the braking system:
Check the brake pads for wear.
Adjust brake cable tension if necessary.
Make sure the brake rotors show no signs of damage.

Checking the lights:
Check the operation of the front and rear lights.
Replace bulbs or batteries if necessary.

Battery Inspection:
Check the battery for any signs of damage, corrosion or leaks.
Clean the battery contacts if necessary.

Checking the gear adjustment:
Check that the gearbox works correctly.
Make any adjustments to the gear tension.

Checking the electrical assistance system:
Check the electrical display for any errors or warnings.
Make sure all power assist modes are working properly.

General inspection:
Inspect the bike frame for any damage.
Make sure all bolts are tight.
Check the correct saddle and handlebar adjustment.

Firmware Updates:
Check to see if firmware updates are available for your electrical system and follow the manufacturer's instructions for updating.

Storage during inactivity:
If the electric bike is not used for a long time, store it in a cool, dry place.
Charge the battery periodically even if you don't use it to avoid its complete discharge.

Following these maintenance guidelines can help keep your ebike in tip-top condition. However, if you encounter complex problems or if you do not feel confident in your maintenance skills, it is advisable to consult a professional or a specialized bicycle shop.

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