Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er road test ride review



Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er road test review Build quality

The Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er is at a good level of quality, the frame and paintwork are very well done.

In terms of quality, the frame has nothing to envy to much more expensive competitors.

The savings are made in some components of the assembly, but the value for money is competitive.



Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er road test review Frame

The frame is the classic aluminum Rockrider, well done, not light, but it will last a lifetime.

Nothing to report.

In the norm the availability of the sizes, which however require some attention in the purchase.

In fact, there is a large gap between one size and another and not everyone is able to find the ideal size.



Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er road test review Assemblies

The only version available is assembled with the Sram Eagle group and a mix of components aligned with the quality of the Sram group.

It is not the best but nothing is really bad or below the sufficiency.

An average quality level, there is a lack of top bike finishes, but the price takes this into account.



Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er road test review Comfort

Discreet and aligned with other aluminum frames.

29er wheels help a lot, but they can't solve all problems.

Compared to the competitors it is still aligned, the front mtb with aluminum frame are all at the same level, it can only be improved with a carbon fiber seatpost.



Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er road test review Guide

A mtb that is not light at all, but very safe and easy, with excellent general performance in relation to its price.

Uphill you feel the weight, but also the good traction, the ease with which you climb safely and with a reduced driving effort.

Downhill the mtb is very competitive, not easy to ride, just "nervous", but also competitive.

Even in the plains the performances are very valid, almost unexpected, so much so that in hard and fast tracks the performances are absolutely outstanding.

The more experienced will want a better fork, but overall it's good, not very smooth on small holes, but good downhill and at high speeds.

The brakes are valid, very good and only on long descents would you want more braking power.

Ultimately it is an excellent mtb of a good level and in some situations even more than excellent.

It can be a real surprise, in a positive way ...



Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 100 road test review Performance

The Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 29er mtb has excellent overall performance.

It is very competitive on hard and compact surfaces, fast.

It just fails in the more technical sections, where you would like a better fork, as well as in the fast descents with very difficult surfaces.

In fact, however, its real performances are really competitive, in some routes even with higher category bikes.

The price / performance ratio is very good.





Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er road test review Pros and cons

Decathlon Rockrider XC 120 proves to be an excellent mtb, with unsuspected performance.

There is no shortage of defects, such as modest comfort or the fork that can be improved, but overall it is worth more than what it costs.

To get better you need to spend a lot more, but for a simple enthusiast its performance is already more than excellent.

To get better you need to switch to a carbon fiber frame and a double budget ...