Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test ride review all you need to know (really)


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Build quality

We are already at a good level, beyond the sufficiency, the frame and the paint are very well done.

In terms of quality, the frame has nothing to envy to much more expensive competitors.

The savings are made in some components of the assembly, but the price is hyper competitive.


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Frame

The frame is the classic aluminum product, well made, not light weight, but it will last a lifetime.

Nothing to report.

The availability of sizes is normal.


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Assemblies

The only version available is assembled with the Shimano Deore group and a mix of components aligned with the quality of the Deore group.

It is not the best but nothing is really bad or below the sufficiency.

An average quality level, valid and sufficient to have fun in safety.


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Comfort

Discreet, as on all aluminum frames, the 29er wheels help a lot, but I can't solve the problems.

Compared to the competitors it is still aligned, the front mtb with aluminum frame are all at the same level, it can only be improved with a carbon fiber seatpost.

 Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Guide

Easy, fun, with great overall performance for its price.

It is not a light mtb, you feel the weight uphill, but downhill and flat the performance is valid and only the most experienced will want a better and smoother fork, as well as more powerful brakes.

Uphill, apart from the weight, you can appreciate the excellent geometry of the frame, easy to climb regularly and easily overcome the most difficult points.

Very stable downhill, safe and intuitive.

The brakes, as mentioned, can be the weak point, but it is a defect that the fastest downhill will feel, who want limited stopping distances, already with minimal pressure on the brake lever.

A behavior from mtb with a cost far superior to this model.

The fork is also good, smooth, damps well and is valid up to a certain level of competitiveness.

Ultimately it is an excellent mtb to start and for non-competitive amateur use.

To have fun it is too much and only if it is used in competition, clearly, it will be disappointing.

In its price range, under 1000 euros it is a valid and competitive choice.


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Performance

In fact, its real performance has nothing to envy to bikes of the same price and also of a slightly higher price.

The price / performance ratio is very good and only Canyon, which only sells online, can do better.

For a physical store, with an attached service center, the price is great.

Overall, the performance is very competitive downhill and on the flat, where the mtb is absolutely competitive with other models at least up to two thousand euros in cost, uphill, on the other hand, aligns itself with bikes costing 1000-1500 euros.

Results, however, more than excellent. 


Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 29er 2024 road test review Pros and cons

Decathlon Rockrider XC 100 turns out to be an excellent mtb, not the classic poor entry level, but a mature product with good overall performance.

There is no shortage of defects, such as modest comofrt or improved braking, but overall it is worth more than what it costs and is better than many other more expensive bikes.

To get better you need to spend a lot more and to start or have fun in mtb it can be a more than excellent choice, paying attention to the point and not to the brand.