Decathlon Rockrider Race 750 2024 report card detailed score of the merits, defects and performance

Decathlon Rockrider Race 750: Detailed rating (1 to 10)

The 2024 Rockrider Race 740 is a mountain bike from Decathlon designed for sporty excursions and light trails. It offers good value for money and is an interesting option for beginners or bikers on a budget.
Frame: 7/10 - The carbon frame is strong and lightweight, but may not be as stiff as high-quality carbon ones.
Fork: 6/10 – The fork offers good control in rough terrain, but may lack feel in smoother terrain.
Transmission: 7/10 - The transmission offers enough gear range for most terrains, but the components may not be the most durable and lightweight.
Brakes: 6/10 – Hydraulic disc brakes offer decent power, but may not be the most powerful on the market.
Wheels: 7/10 - The wheels are sturdy, but may not be the lightest.
Components: 6/10 - The components, such as handlebars, stem and seat post, are of good quality, but could be replaced with lighter or more ergonomic components in the future.
Overall rating: 7/10

Excellent value for money
Lightweight and sturdy frame
Reliable transmission
Hydraulic disc brakes
Good quality components
Fork not very sensitive
Brakes could be more powerful
Wheels not light
Components could be improved


The 2024 Decathlon Rockrider Race 740 is a mountain bike that offers good value for money for beginners or bikers on a budget. It is a versatile bike that can be used for sporty excursions, light trails and even for some amateur races. If you're looking for a reliable and affordable entry-level bike, the 2024 Rockrider Race 740 is a good option to consider.
However, if you are a more experienced biker looking for better performance, you may want to consider other mountain bikes with higher quality components.
Remember: This is just a general rating and your personal experience with the bike may vary based on your riding style, terrain and expectations.