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2024 Pro racing bikes review strengths defects prices of all 2024 pro racing bikes

Team Bardiani races with De Rosa 70 bicycles.

The chassis presented during 2023 and which for 2024 remains unchanged, but customized in the team colors.

A completely new frame, light, rigid, aerodynamic, with fully integrated cable routing.

The new De Rosa 70 supplied to the Bardiani team is perfectly faithful to the racing bike that everyone can buy from De Rosa.

The frame is identical, customized in the team colour, Campagnolo Super record EPS Wireless groupset and Campagnolo wheels, SMP saddle and Vision components.

The price of the complete De Rosa 70 racing bike should be close to 20 thousand euros depending on the wheels used.

A bike, which falls within the UCi limit of 6.8Kg, very rigid, aerodynamic and very high performance, perfect on flats, hills and even uphill.

The Bardiani team then proceeds to carefully set up the bicycle and customize the riding position.

There are no particular secrets, but the racing bike is regularly serviced in all its components after each race.

Athletes also have access to a training bicycle, similar to the racing one, but which is checked less frequently.