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cycling training - tingling hands in cycling how to solve the problem

Tingling in the hands is an often recurring theme among cyclists. First, we need to understand why we have this tingling; it could depend on an incorrect posture on the bike, with the torso leaning too far forward, or on an incorrect grip on the handlebars, it may inadvertently exert excessive pressure on the hands, or, again, it could depend on pathological causes, I'll tell you example of inflammation of the metacarpal tunnel.

Before changing anything, therefore, given that the problem did not arise in the past, I advise you to consult with your doctor, to exclude any pathological cause, perhaps even mild, but which is accentuated by the position on the bike.

Excluding this eventuality, the current position on the bicycle must be carefully analyzed; we often get used to positions that, biomechanically, are not correct, but time and habit make them seem ideal, especially when their deviation from the optimum is minimal. You will first have to check the height and advancement of the saddle, then move on to checking the height of the handlebars and the length of its attachment.

I remember that for optimal weight distribution, with the bicycle plus cyclist with his hands on the high grip, 60% of the weight is placed on the rear wheel and 40% on the front wheel.

My advice is always to carry out all the necessary tests to avoid any pathology, then to check the position in the saddle.

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