Interactive cycling simulator rollers BKOOL app reviews opinions reviews defects

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I have seen BKool born from nothing, since its first appearance at Eurobike, still with a "raw" application, but its potential was already evident.

Perhaps at that time there was still a lack of modern interactive technologies, not surprisingly, they sold both the reels and the app.

Time has passed, but today they have become much more widespread, efficient, up to date. Like all technological products, they can cause problems with connection and recognition of the systems, sometimes they connect immediately, sometimes it is necessary to insist and try several times.

If you download the application and you can't get it running, don't worry, uninstall it and start from scratch again. You generally don't need to be an IT expert to connect everything.

Once everything is set up properly the BKool simulator works very well. Like all similators, it's not like actually riding on the road, but you get bored much less.

Given the interactivity of the system and the possibility of comparing with other cyclists, it is a useful aid to personal motivation, encouraging the cyclist to give the best of himself.

The cost of the season ticket, from the point of view of a cyclist who wants to prepare scrupulously, is not excessive, even if at the end of the year the expense is not negligible.

However, it is an excellent tool to refine and complete the training, it allows excellent midweek workouts, when working and throughout the winter period, when the hours of light are reduced.

In the end it is not essential, but it is a valid product, which allows many to train seriously even at impossible and unthinkable times if you had to go out on the road with the bicycle.

A great complement to the various interactive smart trainers, especially Elite and Tacx.


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