fit racing bike tips - Discover the right fit of a Specialized Tarmac SL8 for a cyclist with a height of 177 cm.


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Bike model


Crotch height

Arms length

Racing or amateur position

Current bike and size

Any problems with the current bike and size


Hi Luca,

I would gladly receive indications of the right size of the new bike I would like to buy.


Bike model: Specialized Tarmac SL8

Height: 177 CM

Crotch height: 81 CM

Arms length: -

Racing or amateur position: --


The correct size of the Specialized Tarmac SL8 road bike is 56, there is no doubt it is the correct size for her.

Size 54 is too small.

The 56 is perfect, for its height.

However, I see that the crotch size is low, if it is correct it could also take size 54 into consideration, adopting a stem 1 centimeter longer, in this way it will avoid having the saddle at handlebar height, which with size 56 it will surely happen.

But these are personal preferences.

Likewise it should be noted that the bike she just sold was a correct size for her.

So it would be better, perhaps to switch to a smaller size, even leaving the stem in the original size which is 100mm in size 54.

There is also the problem that you would like a racing set-up ... the one on the bike you just sold was fine ...

I think the best thing is to physically see the bike and try it out.

The biomechanically correct size is 56, but it would still feel bad, perhaps even worse than the previous bike.

Try the 54 with a 100mm mount and then see what changes to make.

Great racing bike!



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