fit racing bike tips - Discover the right fit of a GIANT TCR ADVANCED for a cyclist with a height of 178 cm.


If, on the other hand, you want advice on the right frame size for you (bdc or mtb), send all your data and the model you would like to buy to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bike model


Crotch height

Arms length

Racing or amateur position

Current bike and size

Any problems with the current bike and size


Hi Luca,

I would gladly receive indications of the right size of the new bike I would like to buy.



Height: 178 CM

Crotch height: 87 CM

Arms length: -

Racing or amateur position: --


The correct size for the GIANT TCR ADVANCED racing bike is M, even if it is at the upper limit for this size, but ML would be just large.

Between the two measures, therefore, the lower one is to be preferred, both because it still falls within the optimal range for its measurements, and because it is the one that would require fewer adaptations.

Ultimately, as it is assembled by Giant, it is perfect for you, given that being just small, it will not force you into an elongated position, your torso will be slightly raised, and there will be no problems with the saddle moving backwards.

It should be added that you could insert some spacers under the handlebar stem, even just 1cm, and have an even more comfortable riding position.

But there shouldn't be this need either.

Overall, therefore, size M is excellent for her.

Beautiful bike, among the best ever of 2023.



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