fit racing bike tips - Discover the right fit of a Colnago V4rs for a cyclist with a height of 163 cm.


If, on the other hand, you want advice on the right frame size for you (bdc or mtb), send all your data and the model you would like to buy to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bike model


Crotch height

Arms length

Racing or amateur position

Current bike and size

Any problems with the current bike and size


Hi Luca,

I would gladly receive indications of the right size of the new bike I would like to buy.


Bike model: Colnago V4rs

Height: 163 CM

Crotch height: 76 CM

Arms length: -

Racing or amateur position: Amateur position
Current bike Canyon CF SLX Ultimate size XS and
Giant tcr advanced pro zero size S
The biomechanic a few years ago advised me 53.5 in length.
I'm fine with the current bikes I use, which are respectively 52.5 and 53.5 in length with a 12.5 and 13 head tube.
With the colnago V4RS I can't find the right size.
The 48.5 seems big to me and the 45.5 seems small to me.
Give me some advice.

Excuse me but if a biomechanic told you 53.5 like him, do you think I'll tell you something different by email???
On a 10,000 euro bike...
Follow the biomechanic and take the 48.5 ...
End of the game ... and if you don't like it, ask the biomechanic for compensation ...
I see that he's maybe in his 60s, so according to his biomechanics, a 20-year-old or a 60-year-old has the same physique.
The suggested size is for a competitive cyclist.
If you are able to keep it great for you.
Otherwise she takes the 48.5 and puts an 11 attack instead of a 10, it should be fine.
But I'd start right off with a 10 attack, which would be even better.
In any case, she should change the frame, she needs, in my opinion, a 52.5 horizontal, otherwise she should go back to the biomechanic and have him explain how and why she got to those measurements.
But she understood this too, otherwise she wouldn't have these doubts.
I hope I have been of some help ... In my small way ...

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