How to choose the best protein powders for weight loss

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Not all protein powders are the same, so here's one more reason to stop and read the label and figure out for yourself which ones are the best and which ones are only well advertised.

First thing to do is: read the label carefully !!!

If it is not there, it is summary, partial, the product is already to be discarded!

A very important parameter to be evaluated is the BIOLOGICAL VALUE (VB) which is one of the best known parameters for evaluating the proteins introduced into the body with food.

This index, which is expressed with a numerical value, represents the quantity of nitrogen actually absorbed and used net of urinary, fecal, skin losses, etc. and it is calculated with the formula N retained / N absorbed * 100.

The reference protein is that of egg which has a VB equal to 100%, milk proteins have a biological value of 104, vegetable proteins have a biological value between 50 and 70.

In recent years, another parameter has been introduced, the CHEMICAL INDEX OR SCORE (IPC) to evaluate the quality of proteins.

The IPC is given by the ratio between the quantity of a given essential amino acid (amino acid which cannot be synthesized, if not in insufficient quantity, by our body) in one gram of the protein in question and the quantity of the same amino acid in one gram of the reference protein biological (egg).

The higher this index is, the greater the percentage of essential amino acids.

Concentrations of essential amino acids are therefore an important factor for protein synthesis: if these are insufficient, protein synthesis simply cannot take place or is poor.

When taking protein powders, as a supplement to your normal diet, it will therefore be very important to choose products with a high chemical score to obtain good results in terms of muscle growth, strength and endurance.

The stereochemistry of the amino acids present is also very important.

Synthetic proteins built with a mix of amino acids of poor optical purity, perform their work in a minimal part and indeed tire the liver because the dextrorotatory form of the amino acid that cannot be used by the body must be disposed of.

For this reason, for the avoidance of doubt, the L form must be declared on the label.

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