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How to choose the best protein powders

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The market for protein powders is now huge, but what are the differences between the various types available?

Various types of protein powders are currently on sale, suitable for all needs, whether it is a vegan diet, or whether the person who uses them has digestion problems of the product itself.

Let's try to clarify the various types of protein powders available on the supplement market today.

Let's start with Whey (whey protein): these are the "classic" protein powders, taken after training allow for valid muscle recovery.

They are rapidly absorbed in terms of rapid disgestion, except in the case in which this type of solution does not bother us precisely at the digestive level, also due to the presence of lactose that they normally contain.

Caseins, on the other hand, are the proteins contained in dairy products deprived of fats and sugars.

As a type of proteins, they are the ones that require more time in terms of digestion and absorption, which is why it is often recommended to take them before bedtime.

Then we have the hydrolyzed proteins, both whey and casein, which undergo an enzymatic hydrolysis process. This allows our body to better assimilate the product as it does not present any type of digestive problem, a product which is therefore optimal in the event that the classic proteins give some problems in digestion, therefore they have a very rapid absorption time. thanks to the enzymatic process to which they have been subjected.

Finally, we have vegetable proteins, suitable for those who follow a vegan diet or are allergic / intolerant to lactose. In this case we have an average digestion / absorption time. They are usually made from soy, rice, pea, potato.

It is therefore up to you to choose the best type of protein powder that best suits your needs.



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