Cube Agree C62 2024, all you need to know before buying a new bike Cube Agree C62 2024 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road test review Build quality

The Cube Agree C62 is a well made racing bike, with a good value for money.

The range of assemblies is good, while the color range is limited, it is not possible to customize the bike and the range of sizes is also limited.

However, everything is considered in the list price, very convenient, but the proposed geometry is not always suitable for the cyclist.

A racing bike where it is not easy to find the correct position on the saddle. 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road Test Review Frame

The chassis of the Cube Agree C62 is undoubtedly well made and of excellent quality.

Too bad that the geometries are not suitable for all morphologies and it is often not easy to position an athlete on the saddle.

The range of sizes is relatively limited and often too many changes have to be made, a limit to be taken into consideration.

In the top-of-the-range version, the weight is 7.3 kg, which for a price of just over 5 thousand euros is very competitive and immediately places this bike at the top of the choice for weight / price ratio. 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, starting from the Shimano 105 to go up.

In fact, as with other models, passing from the entry level version to the top range, the entire bicycle changes and therefore also its dynamic behavior.

In this way, however, the cheapest version is just over 2500 Euro, but the weight rises to 8.5Kg, not a little, but to remove a kilo you need to spend twice as much ...

Unfortunately road discs have the advantage that they are heavy on their own and even spending a lot more the advantages are often limited ... 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road test Comfort review

One of the best aspects of the Cube Agree is its ride comfort.

It is not at the absolute top of the category but it is still a comfortable and pleasant racing bike to ride over long distances. 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road Test Review Guide

The Cube Agree C62 2024 is a racing bike very easy to ride, intuitive, safe at high speeds, stable and with round and gradual cornering inputs.

It is not a very manageable bike, but stable and safe.

Downhill you drive with maximum safety and ease

Excellent braking.

Even in the presence of a damaged road surface, the control of the bike is intuitive and total.

Even in the presence of crosswind, the control of the bike is very easy.

In certain routes and weather situations, the behavior of this frame can be a winner. 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road test review Performance

The relatively low weight and its price-to-weight ratio place this model among the best purchases that can be made.

It is clearly not the fastest bike in the world, but the absolute performance is not that far from much more expensive competitors.

Good general frame rigidity, good performance on the flat, on hills and uphill.

Excellent downhill performance.

Overall it's almost a surprise, with competitive performance far beyond what its list price would suggest. 


Cube Agree C62 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Cube Agree C62 2024 proved to be a more than excellent racing bike.

Comfortable and easy to drive, it also has good performance.

Excellent price and valid range of assemblies.

The defects? limited sales network, few sizes available and little choice of frame colors. 


NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested