2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 road test ride review all you need to know!


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2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road test review Build quality

The 2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 has a relatively low price, despite a good build quality.

The availability of sizes is also good.

Excellent adoption of the Bosch motor and Bosch battery.

Equally valid is the Shimano assembly, adopted almost completely.

The 630wh battery allows a valid autonomy.

The ebike price / autonomy ratio is excellent.

The general build quality is valid, the bike is not very light, but under 4000 euros it is impossible to find better.




2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road Test Review Frame

The 2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 aluminum frame is nothing new.

Very reliable it also has a good amount of measurements.

The color range is also good.

In its Hybrid version it has the engine well inserted in the frame and the integrated battery.

Very good rear suspension.

Its geometries are valid.

Both from a qualitative and a technical point of view it is an excellent frame.



2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is very complete and wide, with prices for all budgets.

The value for money is always very good.




2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road test Comfort review

With 120mm suspension travel comfort is no problem.

Once calibrated according to your needs, the bike is comfortable and in fact the same as the more expensive versions with a carbon frame.



2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road Test Review Guide

The 2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 is certainly not a lightweight bike, but the Bosch motor and battery eliminate indecision and the bike always runs fast with little effort.

Very easy and intuitive to drive, it never puts you in difficulty.

Stable and safe on the descent, its suspensions from the excursion not as long as the fashion of the moment wants, allow outstanding performance on the flat, in the pedaled sections, where the bottom is compact and then, above all, uphill.

Among the most recent ebikes, the 2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 still remains an ebike to beat uphill.

Only the most experienced and fastest will want more suspension travel on descents.

Excellent and valid braking.

The Bosch CX motor is perfect, smooth in its action and very powerful.

Excellent Shimano group.




2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road test review Performance

Performance is certainly not lacking and among ebikes it is one of the fastest, even in the face of a low price and low weight.

But the weight is not that far off from much more expensive ebikes.

The Bosch CX motor remains an example of power and responsiveness.

Of everything you can complain less than the general performance of the ebike.

Its strongest points are its performance uphill and in pedaled and fast stretches.

Then the descent.



2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 confirms itself as an ebike with an excellent quality / price ratio.

It has no refined technical solutions, it is not light, but it has everything you need to have fun.

Of course, e-bikes with more than double the cost are better, lighter with better suspension, but for a ride with friends, one is as good as another ...

The value for money remains its best value, but ultimately, except for some pro bikers, hardly anyone who chooses a Cube regrets the purchase ...

The only real flaws are the limited service and sales network and often the fact that the bikes in the international catalog are not always available on the Italian market.


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