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2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road test review Build quality

The 2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE is a very well made racing bike, with an excellent value for money.

The range of assemblies is good, while the color range is limited, it is not possible to customize the bike and the range of sizes is also limited.

However, everything is considered in the list price, very convenient, but the proposed geometry is not always suitable for the cyclist.

A racing bike where it is not easy to find the correct position on the saddle.


2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road Test Review Frame

The frame of the 2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE has been completely revised and today allows you to assemble one of the lightest racing bikes ever, with an excellent price / weight ratio.

Too bad that the geometries are not suitable for all morphologies and it is often not easy to position an athlete in the saddle.

The range of sizes is relatively limited and often too many changes have to be made, a limit to be taken into consideration.

In the trial version the weight is 7.1 kg, which for a price of just over 5 thousand euros is very competitive and immediately places this bike at the top of the choice for weight / price ratio.

2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, and in the Race version the widespread, reliable and always competitive Shimano Ultegra Di2 group is adopted.

The rest of the components are also good, all aligned in their overall quality.

Ultimately a well-assembled racing bike with a good price.

Too bad that the use of disc brakes and the electronic group, as the market wants today, prevent the bike from dropping below 7Kg.


2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road test Comfort review

For an aero bike the 2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE isn't exactly uncomfortable, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable racing bike.

Despite this, it is not far from other competitors.

The ride comfort is therefore good from the point of view of a racing bike intended for competitions, but it is not in the least comparable to that of an endurance bike.

Among the aero bikes it is still among the most comfortable, while it is slightly more uncomfortable than other non-aero models.

2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road Test Review Guide

The 2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE is a real racing bike, with a rigid, responsive frame, high handling.

Downhill the steering is light and on bumpy it is not easy to control, but the dynamic performance is of absolute importance.

Precise and fast on the straight, it does very well even uphill.

Excellent braking, even if the bike tends to break down in the most decisive braking.

A very responsive sensitive front end, not easy to understand, but which allows excellent performance even compared to the main competitors.

Even in the presence of a damaged road surface, the control of the bike requires experience and attention, as well as in the presence of crosswinds.

In certain paths and situations the behavior of this frame can be winning, but it is not so easy to drive to the limit.

However, it allows to have that "performance gap" that can make the difference against competitors, not easy to exploit, but always very present.


2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road test review Performance

The relatively low weight and its price-to-weight ratio place this model among the best purchases that can be made.

It is clearly not the fastest bike in the world, but the absolute performance is not that far from much more expensive competitors.

Excellent overall frame stiffness, excellent performance on the plains, hills and good uphill ones.

Excellent downhill performance.

In absolute terms it loses something only uphill, but otherwise it is on par with the best racing bikes of the moment.

A remarkable result also considering the price.

2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Cube Litening Air C68X RACE proved to be a more than excellent racing bike.

Very competitive on every route, not only for its price range, but precisely in absolute terms.

It loses something uphill and in ride comfort.

It is not an easy racing bike to ride at high speeds and on bumpy roads.

On the other hand, the overall performance is a top-of-the-range bike, which is no small feat.

The defects? limited sales network, few sizes available and little choice of frame colors.


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