Colnago V4Rs vs Orbea Orca which racing bike to choose reviews opinions strengths and weaknesses


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We respond to one of our readers who asks us for advice on the Colnago V4Rs bike compared to the Orbea Orca, in particular let's see what our reader's questions are:

"Which of the two do you recommend for comfort, responsiveness, better value for money and assistance?"

Colnago V4RS 2023 road test ride review all you need to know

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 road test ride review everything you need to know

This is not a magazine that exalts the latest news as if there were no tomorrow, in the same way as the latest (useless) technological discovery, nor do we recommend one model or another, when the money is not ours ...

We leave it to others to praise this or that product ... easy to talk and write with other people's money ...

And in one's own, hidden, interest ...

So I'll start with your last question, which is the most important for us today, given the prices that racing bikes and bikes as a whole have reached.

Which brand between Orbea and Colnago is better for assistance?

The bike sector is far behind and different from the automotive sector, even though it has now reached the same prices and the customer is not as protected as with cars or motorbikes.

Therefore between the two Brands the order must be followed whereby it is always good to give precedence to the product that has a well-defined physical registered office, be it production or distribution, in Italy.

Orbea coordinates the Italian market from Spain, the latest data available and available for consultation on the Orbea website, nothing wrong with that, but in the event of problems, it remains to appeal to the guarantee that the shopkeeper must provide, little stuff for 10 thousand euro bikes.

What if Orbea tells you it doesn't recognize the defect under warranty? what does he do? Are you going to the Basque Country to protest? No, but you have to contact your reseller, who has sometimes already changed brands ... or closed down ... or is penniless ...

These are aspects that everyone underestimates, as long as everything goes well ... as long as it happens to others ... as long as the expert on duty comes out on social media with his solution ...

But you have to go through it to understand that these are not aspects to be underestimated.

The real drawbacks are when your frame breaks and you end up on the ground, you go to the hospital and you stay there for months as long as you get out of it ...

So what are you doing? Ask for advice on social ...

There is too much superficiality in the industry, too many professors and smoke sellers…

We don't enter into certain personal choices that have economic implications, but if the question is which one offers the best assistance, the answer is always the same: the good shopkeeper and the company that has a reliable and historic physical headquarters in Italy.

Whether it's Colnago or Bianchi or Pinarello, rather than Specialized or Giant or Trek, it doesn't matter, then you look at the professionalism of the local dealer.

Another aspect that is never considered is the residual value of the bike on the used market, at these prices it becomes fundamental, unless you keep the bike until its "technical death".

On this aspect we are in Italy and some brands have always had and continue to take precedence over others: Specialized, Bianchi, Colnago and Pinarello, they are the most sought-after used bikes and those that depreciate least.

Then you have the "social lion" for which he resold used the unknown brand at the same price as new ... in less than a week ...

But the reality is quite different...

Then we come to the other questions:

- Colnago V4Rs vs Orbea Orca comfort: the two racing bikes are very similar, but the Orbea Orca has a slight advantage, even if they are high performance racing bikes and therefore certainly not comfortable at all.

- Colnago V4Rs vs Orbea Orca responsiveness/performance: you asked about responsiveness, I'd talk about performance. A lot also depends on the type of athlete, if powerful, Colnago is better, stiffer, but slightly heavier, a powerful athlete takes advantage of its rigidity and will obtain better performance than the Orbea.

The Orbea is lighter, not by much, but it ensures slightly better climbing performance if an athlete is not so powerful and therefore unable to exploit the rigidity of the Colnago frame.

In terms of driving, the Orbea is quicker to enter corners, but the Colnago is more precise and stable at high speeds and on damaged asphalt.

Of the two, the better one is the one with the stronger athlete above... here we have no doubts.

- Colnago V4Rs vs Orbea Orca quality/price ratio: unfortunately, over the years Orbea has lost much of its favorable quality/price ratio. It remains a convenient racing bike, but not as much as in the past and therefore other factors must also be considered, those expressed at the beginning of the article.

In conclusion they are both excellent racing bikes.

He understood which of the two we would buy, but certainly not because it is a better bike or can make a difference in terms of performance.

Actually Orbea Orca and Colnago V4RS have almost coincident performances and characteristics and the technical differences cannot make one choose over the other.

Maybe you can give preference to one for personal technical tastes, because you want a certain characteristic or behavior from the racing bike.

The other aspects must necessarily be different: real price offered, assistance, value on the second-hand market.

In the end, the best advice is always the one: which of the two to choose? the one you like best and your reseller (and company) offers you the best price and the best assistance.

So you're never wrong...


If you have any questions, write to: salvatelliluca @