2024 New Colnago C68 GRAVEL price weight data sheet review all you need to know


Colnago is thrilled to present the C68 Gravel, a bicycle capable of reinterpreting the tradition and aesthetics of Colnago in a modern key, created by applying all the technological savoir faire of modular production to the gravel world.

A bicycle that loses the meaning of a mere technical tool to become a work of art: an artefact with all the historical significance, passion and excellence that only a brand like Colnago possesses. That's why the C68 Gravel is a bike unlike any other.

A modular frame for a gravel bike unlike any other

The Colnago C68 Gravel is the purest expression of the Colnago soul applied to the world of off-road: it is in fact a modular carbon frame made entirely in Italy with a still artisanal production process.

The C68 Gravel is not just a gravel bike, it is the epitome of Italian cycling manufacturing, made specifically for those seeking a sublime riding experience. For those who love fast gravel but who, at the same time, want a comfortable riding experience. For those who are not satisfied with a simple carbon frame, but want a bicycle that has a Soul, a History.

The concept behind the C68 platform is the modularity of the frame - which is therefore composed of different tubes joined together - and is characterized by the same spirit as the C68 Road and Allroad versions, which sees the search for the best possible balance between performance and pleasantness in saddle. Clean design, integration and modernity are at the heart of the project.

The gravel interpretation of the Colnago C Series - the harmony between performance and comfort

The C68 Gravel is a product capable of reinterpreting the tradition and aesthetics of Colnago in a modern key, created by taking advantage of all the savoir faire accumulated during the years of artisanal creation of modular frames. The advantage of this production technique is to have a more flexible bike, capable of guaranteeing the best balance between performance and riding comfort.

This bicycle was not created for a specific type of gravel - because after all, what is gravel if not an open invitation to pedal, without boundaries and labels of any kind? - but for a certain type of cyclist. In fact, the C68 Gravel is more than just a bicycle, but it is a true hymn to Craftsmanship, Beauty and Harmony.

The C68 Gravel is the ideal travel companion for those who want a high-end bike, high-performance and pleasant to ride both on paths, which are sometimes technical and disconnected, and on stretches of asphalt.

The C Series is made up of these models:

C68 Rd

A model oriented solely to road cycling

C68 Titanium

A bike created to guarantee the best possible riding experience thanks to a carbon frame with customizable geometries

C68 Allroad

This model expands the horizons of road cycling to dirt roads, with the ability to fit tires up to 35mm wide

C68 Gravel

A bike destined for true drop-bar dirt

Geometries designed for Gravel

The C68 Gravel has different geometries compared to the other models of the C Series platform. In fact, the objective is to guarantee greater comfort on terrain which can also be very rough.

Therefore it has a shorter reach and a higher stack, for an ergonomically better riding experience, to be able to tackle even technical and demanding passages, while maintaining a rather aggressive overall setup.

The C68 Gravel offers a wide tire clearance, i.e. it accommodates tires up to 42 mm. Thanks to this foresight, whether they are dirt or asphalted roads, your rides will no longer have boundaries.

Furthermore, in the C68 Gravel, the shapes of some tubes that make up the modular frame have been revised to improve the overall performance of the bike. In particular, the front tube now has 1.5" wide bearings, which ensures that the cockpit is free and prepared for the passage of internal cables.

CC.01 Wide

Further improvements have also been applied to the Colnago CC.01 integrated handlebar which, in the new Wide version also introduced today, has been redesigned with greater flare, as has the seat tube clamp, which now has a more efficient fixing system.

Strictly and proudly, handmade in Italy

Colnago is proud to continue, as per tradition, its production of the C Series frames in Italy, starting from the raw carbon processing up to the complete bike. This is why the C68 Gravel is also made by the artisans of Cambiago, who guarantee that each frame is imbued with what is the essence of Italian manufacturing excellence.

At the base of every C Series bicycle we find an amalgam of savoir faire and innovation, as well as all the passion and the dedication that has always characterized Colnago. The entire C68 range - Road, Titanio, Allroad and Gravel - aims to be a hymn to Italian manufacturing.

From the meticulous precision of cutting the carbon fiber tubes to final assembly, our commitment to excellence is continuous, and the entire process is carried out in Italy, a nation renowned for its rich cycling heritage, for its passion and for its industry.

These are the prices:

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 frame kit 5775 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Shimano GRX 7000 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Force XPLR 8400 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Force XPLR 11600 euros