2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 road test ride review all you need to know (really), Colnago V4RS test, Colnago V4RS road test


2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road test review Build quality

The 2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 has a high cost, but it is very well made and ultimately better than other direct competitors.

The superficial care of the frame, the realization of some technical details and overall the general quality of the bicycle are very nice.

Even if the price is high, therefore, the same is justified and remains competitive compared to other products of the same price range.


2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road Test Review Frame

The 2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 frame is completely new and a decisive evolution of the previous model.

Lighter, aerodynamic, stiffer, a frame that competes against the best products in the sector.

The range of colors is also excellent, the possibility of customizing the frame and the wide choice of sizes.

It is not a very light frame in absolute terms, but well assembled it allows you to obtain a racing bike with disc brakes under 7kg; 7.2kg the bike on test.

2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road Test Assemblies Review

The assembly range is all very expensive, but it wouldn't make sense to do it differently, indeed it is a mistake to assemble this frame with mid-range components.

Campagnolo Super Record, Shimano Dura Ace or Sram Red are the only groups to use.

Otherwise you might as well buy another product.

It remains an expensive bike, but well made and quality.


2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road test Comfort review

Despite the declared increase in stiffness and weight reduction, the driving comfort is good, not high, but sufficient to travel many kilometers without back pain.

It's not the C68, which is an armchair in comparison, but its driving comfort is at the level of other similar frames in terms of destination, weight and price range.

Among the high-performance racing bikes it is placed in the central group, it is not an uncomfortable racing bike, but neither is it the best for comfort.

Still a good result.

2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road Test Review Guide

A very intuitive racing bike to ride.

Easy to handle, but not jittery or imprecise, easy to control at high speeds and downhill.

Just light on stretches of damaged asphalt, but always easy to control.

Insensitive to lateral winds, it has an excellent driving balance.

Easy to ride on the flat, it has valid geometries even uphill, where it turns tight in the hairpin bends and it's easy to always keep the best line.

Excellent stability, braking and excellent stopping distances.

The behavior remains valid even at a tourist pace, where its simplicity and driving safety emerge.


Colnago V4RS 2023 Road test review Performance

Lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic, the 2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 has absolutely competitive performance on any type of course.

An all-round racing bike, as competitive and fast on the flat as uphill or downhill.

It's not a very light racing bike, but it has an excellent weight/stiffness ratio.

A bike that is perfect for athletes who develop a lot of watts and are able to make the most of the stiffness of the frame.

Competitive on the plains and hills, its performance is also excellent uphill and downhill.

In many routes, with a strong athlete, it manages to be the best racing bike on the market.

The price-performance ratio is valid, it's not a bargain, but the bike is very competitive and also a winner on many routes.

2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Colnago V4RS Dura Ace Di2 is a high performance racing bike that is competitive against the best competitors in the sector.

It's not cheap, but it has great build quality.

It is not very light, but it has an excellent stiffness / weight ratio.

Excellent driving precision and safety at high speeds.

The price is high, but ultimately in line with other competitors.

A very good and competitive racing bike at 360 degrees, it doesn't fear comparisons, you just need excellent legs.

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