2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024test review pros defects problems everything you need to know


2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL test review Build quality

The general quality of the Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 is excellent, the assemblies are valid, as is the range of available sizes and colours.

The only real flaw is the high price, but you pay for quality and in this the Colnago C68 Gravel has no rivals in its category.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL test review Frame

The frame is completely new and is perfectly made.

New gravel-specific geometries, integrated cable routing, all very well done.

Specific fork for this version.

Good weight, 7.8kg for the Sram RED assembled version.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL test review Assemblies

The proposed assemblies are valid.

In each version proposed the value for money is good, the general quality excellent.

An excellent quality gravel bike, whatever assembly you choose.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL test review Comfort

Very high, the comfort is very good and even superior to many competitors.

Overall, it ranks among the best gravel bikes ever in terms of ride comfort, just below the much heavier suspension versions.

Comfort could still improve with a better saddle.

In terms of ride comfort, this is an aspect in which the Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 is unmatched, at least with the same type of chassis.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL test review Guide

A true competition gravel bike, stable and safe, reactive, fast.

Stable and safe on difficult off-road sections and at high speeds.

With two road tires it doesn't look out of place even against a racing bike.

Quick to enter corners, but above all precise and stable at high speeds, always safe on descents and on the most difficult off-road sections.

Braking is also very good.

On the road it is similar to riding a racing bike, reactive and fast.

Off road it is equally competitive, especially on fast routes.

More difficult to ride on technical off-road routes.

Excellent gravel bicycle suitable for powerful and fast athletes, even expert riders, who will find a top frame for riding performance.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 test review Performance

The Colnago C68 GRAVEL is a very fast gravel bike, with a not very high weight and very competitive on fast routes.

Its performance is in line with other gravel models of similar weight.

Excellent performance on the flat and off road, on flat and fast surfaces.

The performance on climbs is equally competitive and only on the most difficult climbs is the weight not contained in absolute terms noticeable.

It loses, if you don't have the riding skills, only on really difficult routes, off-road routes almost like mountain bikes, but where you can let the bike run it has top performance in the category.

With a strong and experienced athlete in the saddle he doesn't have many rivals.

2024 Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 test review Pros and cons

The Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 is an expensive but still quality gravel bike with high performance.

Its flaw is the high price, even if proportionate to the construction quality.

The advantages include its general performance, versatility and driving safety.

An excellent bike for a powerful athlete, but even more so for a simple amateur who will find a bike that is easy to ride, safe and comfortable, with a quality unknown to its rivals.

Unfortunately everything has a price, but it is worth what it costs and compared to other rivals it is also reasonably priced.

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NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested


These are the prices:

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 frame kit 5775 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Shimano GRX 7000 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Force XPLR 8400 euros

Colnago C68 GRAVEL 2024 Force XPLR 11600 euros