Tacx is introducing a new concept: the Smart trainers. They allow you to train exactly as you like.


A Smart trainer is characterised by its ease of use. Instead of using a handlebar computer, you connect the trainer quick and easy to the Tacx Cycling apps for tablets or smartphones. You download the apps free of charge from the App Store or Play Store. However, if you want to connect it to your PC or laptop, you can expand the training options with an upgrade. This new concept offered by Tacx thus enables you to decide for yourself how to use the trainer and which products you need to do so.

The interactive trainers make the combination between the scientific approach of training and just pure fun. The advanced resistance units simulate the gradient of the road by increasing the resistance on your rear wheel. The Smart trainers differ in type of resistance unit; one is more advanced than the other, offering different training levels. The software can be chosen irrespective of the resistance unit. This means that you can train at any level and as realistic as you want, regardless of the training options.


With the help of the software you can organise your training session according to your needs. For example, you can train according to heart rate, slope or power output, ride famous races and routes or race online against your friends. The available training possibilities depend on the device you connect the trainer to: a tablet, smartphone or computer.


The Tacx Smart trainers offer a completely new concept. You can compile a package that perfectly matches your needs by first choosing the trainer you want (e.g training level) and then the device you want to connect to and the software you want to use (e.g training options).


How does it work?

The Smart trainers work with ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless technology. This means that they can communicate wirelessly with your computer and each tablet and smartphone as well as with most training accessories such as a heart rate belt.


‘‘Smart is the future’’, say Martin Smits, Tacx’s Business Development Manager. ‘‘These smart products connect to other devices. A triathlete that trains at home already has favourite devices for monitoring his or her efforts. We are not going to dictate them to him or her. No, we simply ensure that we are compatible, so that training data such as speed, cadence and power output can be read by other devices.’’